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Friday, February 05, 2010

Mexican Nutella Hot Chocolate with Chilies

Mexican Nutella Hot Chocolate with Chilies 1

It's been an incredibly busy week with stuff going on all over the place. I haven't had a moment to think about what to make for this year's World Nutella Day.

Then, while writing up the Weekend Wokking round-up #21 (Chili Pepper), I was saved by Sweatha of Tasty Curry Leaf's recipe for Mayan hot cocoa. I could do something similar, but swap out the cocoa in her recipe with Nutella.

Read the Wikipedia entry on hot chocolate for background information on how the drink evolved from what the Mayans and Aztecs drank hundreds of years ago. Chile was definitely an ingredient.

If I had time, I would have simmered whole ingredients, but perhaps there's something to be said for super simple as well?

On a cold, rainy night, an individually-made mug of hot chocolate with a few pinches of cinnamon, chili pepper, and nutmeg, along with a generous dollop of Nutella, was just what I needed.

Mexican Nutella Hot Chocolate with Chilies 2

Mexican Nutella Hot Chocolate with Chilies
Inspired by Sweatha of Tasty Curry Leaf's recipe for Mayan hot cocoa

For one cup, you'll need:
1 cup milk or soy milk
1 generous tblsp Nutella
2 pinches ground cinnamon
1 pinch ground nutmeg
1 pinch cayenne or paprika

In a small saucepan on low heat, melt 1 tblsp of Nutella in 1 cup milk. Add 2 pinches of cinnamon, 1 pinch of nutmeg, and 1 pinch of cayenne or other chili pepper powder of your choice.

Gently stir until all the Nutella has dissolved. Taste and add more spices or sugar or Nutella if necessary.

If you want a frothy top, then briskly beat the mixture. Otherwise, pour into a mug. The chili peppers add an unexpected kick to the soothing hot chocolate.


I'm submitting this recipe to World Nutella Day hosted by Sara from Ms. Adventures in Italy and Michelle from Bleeding Espresso.

Check back with them on February 8 for a round-up of Nutella recipes from around the world.

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  1. Yumm Yum .Thanks for trying the drink.Actually this is your drink only.I just provided an small inspiration.Thanks for the link.

  2. Sometimes the simplest recipes are the most welcome. Everyone loves to find new ways to enjoy Nutella, but everyone doesn't always have time to whip up something complicated. I love this because I can make it anytime!

  3. Oh, wow. This looks perfect for a day like today.

  4. I always like to try new thing. I will definitely whip one up with this recipe. I am crazy for hot drinks lately.

  5. Sweatha,
    Haha. OK. I'll change it to "inspired by" then. And indeed, I was definitely inspired by your lovely recipe.

    I know! My faux beignet and shrimp chips recipes got me a lot of hits and they weren't even real recipes. I'll have to do my planning in advance for next year though.

    Can't believe we've been getting so much rain lately. It hasn't rained like this for at least a decade.

    I've been drinking a lot of tea this winter myself.


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