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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Farmers' Market - South Pasadena

While my preferred farmers' market is the one in Alhambra, sometimes I don't make it before it closes. So in July 2008, I checked out the South Pasadena market since it's held in the early evenings on Thursdays.

Farmers' Market - South Pasadena 1

Lots more people, that's for sure. I had to circle a few times to find a parking spot.

Farmers' Market - South Pasadena 2

Which meant the market itself was pretty crowded too.

Farmers' Market - South Pasadena 3

I also noticed a lot more prepared food stalls.

Farmers' Market - South Pasadena 4

Kimchee and fresh fish?!

Farmers' Market - South Pasadena 5

There were lines for pretty much every single food booth.

Farmers' Market - South Pasadena 6

Crepes too. How fancy!

Farmers' Market - South Pasadena 7

I noticed a lot of families. Nothing brings out the kids like bubbles.

Farmers' Market - South Pasadena 8

I just love how enthralled the kids all looked.

Farmers' Market - South Pasadena 9

Farmers' Market - South Pasadena 10

Farmers' Market - South Pasadena 11

Farmers' Market - South Pasadena 12

After a quick walk-through, I located the fruits and vegetables. The prepared food booths and performers make the South Pasadena farmers' market a great place to take your kids on a weeknight for dinner and entertainment. I noticed lots of people brought blankets and picnicked, but I was there to do my grocery shopping.

Farmers' Market - South Pasadena 13

Unfortunately, the selection was pretty sparse.

Farmers' Market - South Pasadena 14


Farmers' Market - South Pasadena 15


Farmers' Market - South Pasadena 16

The reason I like Alhambra's farmers' market is that there are more Asian vegetables for sale. I might have bought some basil so that my visit wasn't completely a wash.

Some cute restaurants I passed by on the way back to my car.

Farmers' Market - South Pasadena 17

Might have to come back some time to check them out.

Farmers' Market - South Pasadena 18

Buy some fruits and vegetables if you're visiting the South Pasadena farmers' market to sample the food booths or to socialize, but I wouldn't recommend it specifically for the fresh produce. It is a nice place to people watch though.

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South Pasadena Farmers' Market
At the Metro Gold Line Mission Station, at the intersection of Meridian Avenue and El Centro Street
South Pasadena, CA 91030
Thursdays 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. fall and winter, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. spring and summer

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  1. Hey WC - We really miss the Farmer's Markets in LA. Those in SD really don't match up.

  2. Seemed almost like a fair rather than farmer's market. I think Brea's was a bit like this though a lot smaller. I keep meaning to get to Fullerton's, but never make it. One day...

  3. That looks like such a great market! Too bad we don't get this where I live.

  4. i JUST went to the santa monica farmer's market this week for the first time ever. i saw wild strawberries, crab apples, cranberry peas, and baby eggplants. i swear i've never seen these things before. i got the last of the blueberries and it was still sweet. i can't buy these things at supermarkets anymore. last night i made bulgogi stuffed squash blossoms fried in egg batter! oh and grilled shishito peppers. i'm in love!

  5. Kirk,
    I dunno, the one in SD where you get fresh uni sure looks good to me!

    That's what I thought. Especially with all the food and families out that day.

    I love outdoor markets.

    I still haven't been. That recipe sounds awesome!


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