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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Grey Scarf for Lil' Sis's Other Friend

Lil' sis started this scarf years ago. She crocheted about a foot and left it to languish in my yarn pile. I recently picked it up again with no plan in mind.

Gray Scarf for Lil Sis's Other Friend 1

Her other friend said once that he wanted a scarf that he could wrap around and around and around his neck. So when he came over recently for tea and sympathy, I offered up the scarf.

Actually, I offered up a fuzzier, wider, rainbow scarf that I was knitting. To which he exclaimed, "I'm gay, but not THAT gay!" Haha!

It won't make up for the fabulous Alexander McQueen scarf that he lost on the Matterhorn, but I said when he wraps this around himself, he'll be getting a virtual hug from both lil' sis and me.

Gray Scarf for Lil Sis's Other Friend 2

Grey scarf made from one skein of acrylic baby yarn, soft but machine-washable. Measures 4 1/2 inches wide by 7 1/2 feet, longer if stretched taut.

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  1. yay for yarn creations! what a lovely accessory for your sister's friend, such a versatile shade of grey that'll go with basically anything.

    i also have a grey scarf hanging out in my yarn pile, to be knitted. the likelihood of me picking it back up is very slim.

  2. wow so beautiful. you should start a knitting blog too hehe. I tried crocheting a while back and it was so so difficult for me. I think knitting should be even harder. I feel inspired again after seeing your work hehe

  3. I like the color; such a nice light charcoal-grey. 7.5 feet long!!

  4. I love it. I love to crochet too. We need to get together and eat and crochet!

  5. Lan,
    Why don't you just crochet that scarf too? Or you've already started on the knitting? I want to try and make cute amigurumi like you do!

    I don't craft often enough to warrant a separate blog, so I just post on here when I occasionally do. Crochet is twice the yarn at half the time as knitting. Neither are particularly hard if you just do the basics. I can't do fancy stuff.

    Longer than I am tall!

    Another crocheter coming out of the woodwork.

  6. O, what a beautiful scarf :-) Love the color, metalic is always so sexy.

  7. Nick,

    Thanks! I love the soft grey myself and was quite tempted to keep the scarf, but it was already promised. :)


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