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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Femme Noir by Phong Hong Finalist for Oscars Designer Challenge 2010

Femme Noir Finalist for Oscars Designer Challenge 2010 1

Isn't the dress positively gorgeous? If you've been a fan of my cousin, Phong Hong, since his Femme Noir Collection debuted at Los Angeles Fashion Week last fall, then please, please, please vote for his design to be the one the on-stage statuette handler ie. "trophy girl" wears at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards ceremony.


As in the red carpet gold statue OSCARS!!!

The winning design will be announced live during the Oscars pre-show on March 7.

And on March 2, Phong and his design will be featured on "Behind the Dress," a web series on Oscar.com, hosted by Carson Kressley of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."

Femme Noir Finalist for Oscars Designer Challenge 2010 2

And here's my cousin after being interviewed by Rachel Smith, Miss USA 2007.

Femme Noir Finalist for Oscars Designer Challenge 2010 3

Phong was inspired by the actual Oscar trophy and decided to do a modern twist on old Hollywood glamor. The gown is made of silk charmeuse and features his signature hand-sewn braided technique that runs from the top of one shoulder down the entire length of the dress.

Femme Noir Finalist for Oscars Designer Challenge 2010 4

The competition is already hitting the press such as Life Magazine online and ET online. Whoohoo! And here's the post on the Femme Noir blog.

Please go to ==> Oscar.com <== to vote for Phong Hong. Click on "Select" to view the video and then "Submit Vote." You can log in with your Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace account information. You can vote once a day, EVERY DAY until the competition ends at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on March 1. Please vote for my cousin! Phong, and I, thank you so much for your support! ***** 1 year ago today, Vista Point - Oregon City.
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  1. I just ducked over to vote. Had to register, but for you and yours anything goes. I wish him the best of luck. Mary

  2. I'm so happy I found your site.
    I love it!! I live in Rosemead and I bet I've seen u eating in one of the restaurants before. =0)

  3. The dress is beautiful! Good luck and I'll vote.

  4. Michelle,
    Yup. And single too. :P

    Aww, thanks! You're so sweet!

    Haha. Probably. It's a small area.

    Thanks! Funny! Four people with M names in a row commented.


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