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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On Baby Showers and Onesies

The day before I headed up north for my college friend's wedding, lil' sis and I hosted a baby shower for our brother. We had no plans in mind except eating, opening presents, and decorating onesies (You'll see! Way better than baby shower games!).

I bought a 9-lb ham on sale at Fresh & Easy for only $3.47! I normally don't eat ham, but couldn't resist such a bargain. I figured the easiest thing to do was to buy baguettes and let everyone make sandwiches.

On Baby Showers and Onesies 1

I bought a box of 40 heirloom tomatoes for $5 at the Alhambra farmers' market so that went into making Bruschetta al Pomodoro (Italian Tomato Bruschetta) (since we had baguettes and all),

a Hong Kong-Style Tomato Borscht ,

On Baby Showers and Onesies 2

and a Tomato Asparagus Feta Phyllo Tart.

On Baby Showers and Onesies 3

For my brother's "bundle of joy," I decided to be cheesy and make "bundled" food such as my previous recipe for Bacon-wrapped Asparagus,

Mushroom and Cream Cheese Phyllo Bundles,

On Baby Showers and Onesies 4

and pigs in a blanket (courtesy of lil' sis).

On Baby Showers and Onesies 5

My brother said he'd provide dessert and brought pastries and cookies from House of Cakes and Cookies in Pasadena.

On Baby Showers and Onesies 6

Instead of baby shower games, I bought onesies to let everyone decorate. I got the idea from one of my college friends, when her friends did that for her baby shower. I bought three packages of Gerber cotton onesies, which came in a 5-pack for $9.99. I got three different sizes, so the baby wouldn't outgrow them all at once. I bought some permanent markers for $3.99 and lil' sis already had a bunch of fabric pens and paints.

I was blown away by everyone's creativity.

On Baby Showers and Onesies 7

On the left is my sister-in-law's older sister's creation. On the right is sister-in-law's friend's. They finished first while all my hungry cousins were pigging out. Ha!

On Baby Showers and Onesies 8

The dragonflies were painted by my childhood friend. The butterflies and flowers by the older '88.

On Baby Showers and Onesies 9

Everyone knows the significance of the fire truck for the younger '88's older sister. :P The happy beach scene with the smiling crab was made by the younger '88.

On Baby Showers and Onesies 10

The oldest '87 painted the lotus and her middle sister made the tiger, since baby will be born in the lunar Year of the Tiger.

On Baby Showers and Onesies 11

Cousin Q's younger brother did a little abstract art with his onesies. After he drew the one on the left, he spotted an extra onesie and proceeded to draw on it too. The funny thing was that he wrote his oldest brother's name on the front, and then his own name on the back on the bottom. Hehe.

On Baby Showers and Onesies 12

Lil' sis attempted to trace her hand to do the Vulcan motto: "Live Long and Prosper." Unfortunately, it became a big lopsided mess. We pleaded with fashion designer cousin Phong Hong to save the day. Somehow, he managed to turn a deformed hand print into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Haha!

And guess who did the onesie on the right?

On Baby Showers and Onesies 13

I'm still working on appliqueing a dim sum patch, a remnant from pajama pants lil' sis made years ago, onto my onesie. And lil' sis drew the Star Trek communication badge instead.

On Baby Showers and Onesies 14

Cousin T, look away if you don't want to ruin your surprise!

Look away!

I mean it!

Last chance!

We all added our touches to a onesie for her baby, due next month.

On Baby Showers and Onesies 15

Lil' sis made chocolate-covered strawberries as party favors for everyone.

On Baby Showers and Onesies 16

I can't wait until little "Tiberia" wears everyone's creations.

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  1. What a creative idea to design onesies :). They look so professional and pretty.

    Fresh and Easy is so affordable and inexpensive. I love their today's specials and their low prices on chicken and sometimes produce.

  2. Very creative and fun! Love the onesie creations!

  3. Ha! I looked away just in time. Nice onesie creations! The ham looked mighty tasty too! Under $4? Don't honey baked hams cost like $70?

  4. I love the onesie decorating "game". Everyone made some adorable one-of-a-kind memories for the bundle of joy. I'll have to steal that idea for the next baby shower that I host!

  5. ETE,
    I was so amazed at some of my cousins' creativity! I love Fresh & Easy, it's become my replacement for Trader Joe's since it's a lot closer.

    It was!

    I'm glad I stole the idea from my friend!


    Wait, if you looked away, how could you comment? Haha. Honey baked hams are pricey, but you're buying the brand? I dunno. The ham was a month away from expiration too so I'm not sure why it was so cheap. I got the second to the last one since everyone had a ham in their cart.

    I can't make cupcakes like you, so a girl has to think of other things. :P


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