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Monday, August 03, 2009

Chinatown - San Francisco

After second lunch and ice cream at Fentons Creamery & Restaurant - Oakland, lil' sis and the middle '87 and I finally made our way across the bridge and into the city.

4 Chinatown - San Francisco 1

Our first stop was Chinatown. Mostly because the Kearny Street parking garage has reasonable rates (for San Francisco anyway) and is within walking distance of Union Square.

Just sharing some scenes around Chinatown.

I love the lanterns and architecture.

4 Chinatown - San Francisco 2

4 Chinatown - San Francisco 3

4 Chinatown - San Francisco 4

Remember how Waverly in "The Joy Luck Club" by Amy Tan was named after the street?

4 Chinatown - San Francisco 5

I guess it's the fun of getting out of town, or maybe because it was her birthday trip, but lil' sis had to stop at a machine right around here to press a penny into San Francisco landmarks for her to commemorate.

4 Chinatown - San Francisco 6

I love the wraparound balcony at Chinatown Restaurant.

4 Chinatown - San Francisco 7

4 Chinatown - San Francisco 8

And these red lanterns were too gorgeous. Especially against the green.

4 Chinatown - San Francisco 9

4 Chinatown - San Francisco 10

4 Chinatown - San Francisco 11

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  1. What a fun wander! It has been more than a decade since I was last in San Francisco's Chinatown. Did you or are you going to go to that lovely park with the Japanese bridge?

  2. Although I'd forgotten details of how it looked, I've always remembered that I loved Chinatown in San Francisco when I was there almost 20 years ago. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. The lantern display is so pretty.

  3. Tammy,
    I love the architecture. I didn't go to the park. You mean Yerba Buena Gardens? I've never been!

    5 o'clock tsp,
    Thanks! It's stereotypical, but still fun to walk around and shoot.


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