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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Station Fire Over Downtown Los Angeles

Station Fire Over Downtown Los Angeles 1

On our way to the Malibu Wine Classic, I shot these photos of the Station Fire over downtown Los Angeles.

Four area wildfires have burnt more than 100,000 acres so far. I live far enough inward that I don't have to worry about my home being on fire, but I've been limiting the amount of time I spend outside because it's been such a struggle to breathe. Ashes dust my car. Ashes in the air. Oy. And it's not even wildfire season yet.

Stay safe everyone!

Station Fire Over Downtown Los Angeles 2

Station Fire Over Downtown Los Angeles 3

Station Fire Over Downtown Los Angeles 4

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  1. A few days ago this fire was an amazing sight with the white cloud formation. I am still pondering if I should post my photos of it though.

    Your view of the fire looks way different then mine! May be also because I am pretty much 5 miles or so from the fire where it is now. Luckily it is clearing up and the smoke clouds are becoming smaller.

  2. Wow--great photos WC! So scary, but with a weird beauty too. I am farther away, but still see that big white mushroom cloud. Stay safe!
    My BF's daughter has been in the hospital 3 days now for breathing problems from the fires.

  3. Living under those clouds for a couple weeks now, I hate to see what my and my dog's lungs look like.

  4. ETE,
    You're a lot closer to parts of the fire than I was. It was pretty bad in the foothills. Keep safe!

    I flew up to Portland from Long Beach and the smoke cloud was huge from the air.

    I struggled to breathe for weeks. Ugh!


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