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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant - Coalinga

17 Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant - Coalinga 1

I've driven past the Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant in Coalinga countless times during trips up and down the West Coast. Since we already took a detour to visit the Centennial Light, I figured we might as well take another detour for food as well.

Since lil' sis was sick, I figured a bowl of soup would do her better than an In-N-Out burger, our usual stop-off food.

Harris Ranch is a ranch, so expect the requisite cow smells when nearby. At least it didn't smell like that inside the restaurant. Various cuts of beef, in case you didn't know.

17 Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant - Coalinga 2

Does every ranch have to have cow decor?

17 Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant - Coalinga 3

There was a little wait, so we browsed the gift shop.

17 Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant - Coalinga 4

Horehound candy. So old-fashioned.

17 Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant - Coalinga 5

I totally thought this was made up, but the ingredients listed buffaloberry juice and it turns out there really is a buffaloberry!

17 Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant - Coalinga 6

Mmm. Must stay away from sweets.

17 Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant - Coalinga 7

Just so you know it's not all beef here.

17 Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant - Coalinga 8

Finally, our table was ready. The requisite rustic ranch decor.

17 Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant - Coalinga 9

I got an iced tea and the soup came with the meal.

17 Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant - Coalinga 10

An 8 oz baseball-cut top sirloin, $22.95, which came with a choice of sides and soup or salad. We chose the above cream of broccoli soup and garlic mashed potatoes.

17 Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant - Coalinga 11

Cooked medium rare. The beef was tender. While not the best steak I've ever had, I mean we were on a ranch after all, it was good and a welcome break while on the road.

17 Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant - Coalinga 12

California burger, $11.95, Jack cheese, crispy bacon, fresh guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce, red onion, and pickles and a choice of fries. I picked sweet potato, of course.

17 Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant - Coalinga 13

A little pricey but a solid burger.

17 Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant - Coalinga 14

While I wouldn't specifically go to Harris Ranch unless I was passing through, it was a welcome break from driving. We enjoyed a leisurely meal and gave our legs a break. Plus, it was lil' sis's birthday trip, so a nicer ending than fast food.

17 Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant - Coalinga 15

But living out here? I couldn't do it. Too hot and desolate for me.

17 Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant - Coalinga 16

Back on the road again. Only a few days away, but it seems like forever, yeah? And my curiosity during all those times driving up and down I-5 was satisfied. Think lil' sis would be up for House of India or Pea Soup Andersons? :P

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Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant
24505 W Dorris Ave
Coalinga, CA 93210
6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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  1. Nice! I always stop at Harris Ranch whenever I drive up north when my parents. It makes me like red meat. That California burger looks delish.

  2. I like just about everything I've eaten at Harris Ranch. And to change the subject, Harris Ranch also has nice, clean bathrooms. Always welcome on a long trip.

  3. Anna,
    This was my first and only visit. I usually drive right past.

    Scrapper Al,
    Oh definitely. Nice, clean bathrooms are always a good thing to have on a trip.


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