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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Eastern Bakery - San Francisco (Chinatown)

5 Eastern Bakery - San Francisco (Chinatown) 1

Parking in Chinatown was just another excuse for me to visit The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) and check out their housewares.

Afterward, I went next door to Eastern Bakery. I wasn't really hungry at all, but was planning to meet up with my high school friend later that day for dinner and figured I'd bring her some barbecued pork buns.

5 Eastern Bakery - San Francisco (Chinatown) 2

The other reason to visit Eastern Bakery is in the photo. Can you see?

5 Eastern Bakery - San Francisco (Chinatown) 3

President Bill Clinton was here!

5 Eastern Bakery - San Francisco (Chinatown) 4

And Eastern Bakery claims to be the first bakery in Chinatown.

5 Eastern Bakery - San Francisco (Chinatown) 5

And that they have the best pork bun in town.

5 Eastern Bakery - San Francisco (Chinatown) 6

Whether that's true or not, I'll save for later.

They do have an interesting selection of pastries though. Like chocolate-covered fortune cookies. I bought a few.

5 Eastern Bakery - San Francisco (Chinatown) 7

Chocolate-covered macaroons.

5 Eastern Bakery - San Francisco (Chinatown) 8

Butterfly cookies and mooncakes.

5 Eastern Bakery - San Francisco (Chinatown) 9

Egg tarts and sesame balls. Although, apparently the place to go for egg tarts is Golden Gate Bakery as someone in the parking garage elevator told me while consulting a map.

5 Eastern Bakery - San Francisco (Chinatown) 10

As for the pork bun, not as good as what I get in SoCal. Not enough pork and the bread was too doughy.

5 Eastern Bakery - San Francisco (Chinatown) 11

But, my high school friend sure appreciated the pork buns when I gave them to her later since she's too busy to run around getting snacks herself.

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Eastern Bakery
720 Grant Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94108
Monday to Wednesday 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Thursday to Sunday 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

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  1. Golden Gate Bakery is my personal favorite although I don't know how it compares to Socal places. I go there for the pork buns, egg tarts, and coconut tarts. I also tried the pork buns at Eastern bakery and didn't like them that much.

    Btw, I checked the Wok Shop because of you and loved it.

  2. i'm totally going to try golden gate for the egg tart when im in sf. did you get to go there?

  3. I'm not a huge fan of Eastern Bakery, but the best thing to get there is their coffee crunch cake. It's a sponge layer cake with whipped cream frosting and crushed coffee candies.

  4. I love that first photo. I blinked, thinking you had gone to New York City. Haven't had my coffee yet. And I think those signs the bakery put up are funny. Like they just thought of the notion and headed off to the printer to announce it in large print.

  5. Chinese bakeries are my favorites! Never seen the chocolate covered fortune cookies - seems very un Chinese. Any good rec's for places in Portland? I like the this one off of Division and 82nd. PS. I got my bf to eat Chinese pastries... he liked!

  6. Cafe Bakery in the Sunset district make the best baked BBQ pork buns, IMHO. Golden Gate has a great flaky crust for their custard tarts...I know EVERYONE loves them but I personally feel their custard isn't as strong. Too sweet and not eggy enough for me.

  7. Phuong,
    Isn't The Wok Shop awesome? Even when I don't need stuff, I just like to go just because. Now I'm curious about Golden Gate Bakery because the dan tats I get down here are pretty darn good.

    Not yet. It's on the agenda for next time.

    Crushed coffee candies sounds interesting.

    I love the old-fashioned signage.

    Fortune cookies were invented by a Japanese American in Little Tokyo. Check my Fugetsu-Do post. The Chinese just got into the market because the Japanese got locked up during WWII. I used to go to some Chinese bakeries in Portland a long time ago. Haven't been in years to recommend any though.

    Another bakery to add to my list. Although, I don't know when I'll be out in the Sunset District. So far!


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