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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Manna Korean Restaurant - Rosemead (Closed)

Manna Korean Restaurant - Rosemead 1

Not to be confused with the other all-you-can-eat Manna Korean BBQ - Los Angeles (Koreatown). I had driven past this Manna several times and only noticed it because it was a little unusual to have a Korean barbecue restaurant on this lonely stretch of road.

I finally tried it out when I joined the oldest '87's family for dinner to celebrate her oldest sister's birthday. I told them to start without me since I was coming from work and would be late. My cousins said they were in a private room inside.

Manna Korean Restaurant - Rosemead 2

The mats to sit on and the sunken table were reminiscent of my favorite Thai restaurant in college. Technically, the table is in a normal position, it's the floor that was built on a raised platform. That was probably the nicest thing to say about the decor since the dark floral and cabbage roses wallpaper made the restaurant seem horribly outdated.

Manna Korean Restaurant - Rosemead 3

My cousins had already done a round of meat and giant grilled shrimp.

Manna Korean Restaurant - Rosemead 4

The portions were a little skimpy so they ordered another plate of meat.

Manna Korean Restaurant - Rosemead 5

My cousins had saved some food for me.

Manna Korean Restaurant - Rosemead 6

Korean seafood pancake.

Manna Korean Restaurant - Rosemead 7

The panchan (Korean side dishes) were a little sparse.

Manna Korean Restaurant - Rosemead 8

Our second round of Galbi (Korean Short Ribs). As I said, rather skimpy portions. That was one order of meat.

Manna Korean Restaurant - Rosemead 9

The restaurant was mostly empty while we were there.

Manna Korean Restaurant - Rosemead 10

I think it's rather obvious why.

Manna Korean Restaurant - Rosemead 11

While the food was fine, the portions and variety of panchan were minimal. The jumbo shrimp also jacked up the bill, but I vaguely recall that it was around $150? Not horrible when there were six of us, but for that much money, it's worth the trip to Koreatown to get larger portions and better side dishes.

February 9, 2015 update: This restaurant is now closed.

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Manna Korean Restaurant
2101 San Gabriel Blvd.
Rosemead, CA 91770

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  1. Underwhelmed is a good word...yet I continue to go there for lunch sometimes. Still. LOL.

  2. WeeMo,
    What about Ko Hyang above 99 Ranch? I like that much more.


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