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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

VeryBerry/Coo Coo Chicken - San Gabriel (Closed)

After my second visit to Hwa Ro Korean BBQ and Tofu -San Gabriel with lil' sis and her best friend, we decided to stop by next door at VeryBerry.

VeryBerry/Coo Coo Chicken - San Gabriel 1

This was last December when it had just opened. Remember when I said last year when PinGo Yogurt opened in Alhambra that all these Pinkberry copycats will have to lower their prices drastically in order to compete? Similar bright coloring. Similar prices. Similar fresh fruit toppings.

VerryBerry/Coo Coo Chicken - San Gabriel 2

But definitely not the same frozen yogurt formula. Too sour. Too bitter. We should have asked for samples first because none of us liked this at all. But then we felt bad for them because it didn't seem like there were any other customers, or else we really should have just asked for our money back. Has anyone else tried it recently to see if they retooled the formula? I know PinGo Yogurt was pretty bad at first, but now it tastes pretty darn similar to Pinkberry.

VeryBerry/Coo Coo Chicken - San Gabriel 3

Anyway, it's now converted to also include Coo Coo Chicken, a Chinese copycat of Korean-style fried chicken. A 10-piece order of wings was $7.99. The wings were garlicky and slightly spicy, liberally drizzled with sweet chili sauce. The batter was thick but not of the double-fried style of Korean fried chicken like what I ate at Kyochon Chicken. The wings came with a small side salad and daikon cubes. They were good, just not in the same style, but at half the price of Kyochon.

VeryBerry/Coo Coo Chicken - San Gabriel 4

You can also order an 8-piece whole chicken for $8.99, 5-piece drumsticks for $7.99, and popcorn chicken for $6.99. There's also garlic soy sauce flavor.

Is it fro-yo? Is it fried chicken? I was trying to figure out if Coo Coo Chicken replaced VeryBerry, but it looks like both businesses are co-existing in the same space. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. The business always seemed sparse, with an occasional customer coming in to purchase a drink. I think the fried chicken was added to compete ever since Nubi Yogurt opened up across the street. They also offer tea, shaved ice, and smoothies. Since the chicken wings were pretty good, maybe that addition will help lure in more customers.

September 19, 2009 Update: The Coo Coo Chicken wasn't enough to keep either it or Very Berry in business. This restaurant has now closed.

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VeryBerry/Coo Coo Chicken
227 W. Valley Blvd., #118-B
San Gabriel, CA 91776
Open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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  1. Interesting new post that you changed today to have Coo Coo Chicken! I like the froyo photos as they all have nice peaks especially the one on top, and the color is just right.

    Fried chicken looks very nice with a very thick sauce???. The chicken pieces look very petite and cute in your photo...but I could be mistaken! I agree with you about the little customers; I have never seen any customers usually.

    I remember back then going to get a boba milk tea at the store location (they changed owners several times...) and it didn't taste great although the person mixed the milk tea when I bought it. The tea tasted oatmeal like in which is unusual.

    I think the by weight froyo places will always take over the standard sized froyo places just like what you said about Nubi and Veryberry. Especially with people wanting to save money these days! Something like this is going to happen soon in Arcadia...Yogurtland opening just a few stores away from a Pingo Yogurt, and another frozen yogurt place footsteps away! Overload of frozen yogurt...and it's all in one block! Amazing.

  2. WSL98787,
    I thought VerryBerry had closed, then went I went yesterday, realized they were still selling fro-yo and all that. So I think the Coo Coo Chicken is just in addition. When I edited the post, I lost your comment so I'm glad you posted a comment again! The chicken pieces were quite meaty, the plate is large.

  3. Interesting information about Coo Coo Chicken! Need to check that out soon if I can! It's a good deal if the pieces are big :). I did notice my old comment being lost because on my RSS before it got updated later on the day, it said that post could not be found.

    Have you tried out the Sampan Thai Cuisine restaurant that is several stores away? It's pretty good.

  4. WSL98787,
    Funny, I thought I had responded to your Thai restaurant question, but I guess not. Haven't tried it yet. Too many restaurants, not enough time.


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