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Thursday, October 02, 2008

CeFiore - Monterey Park (Closed)

There's something about eating so much meat in one sitting that always inspires us to cleanse our palates with frozen yogurt. After that first visit to Tahoe Galbi Restaurant, we followed it up with frozen yogurt at CeFiore, the oldest '87's favorite because she likes the acaiberry flavor.

Cefiore - Monterey Park 1

CeFiore is owned by Todai, the sushi buffet chain. Sleek contemporary decor and flat screen televisions.

Cefiore - Monterey Park 2

If you haven't heard about the frozen yogurt craze that started a few years ago with Pinkberry, you can get up to date by reading my post about Pinkberry - Los Angeles (Koreatown).

Not sure if it's a company-wide retooling of the formula or not, but the texture of the frozen yogurt at this location is a lot less icier than the version I had at CeFiore - Los Angeles (Little Tokyo). The acaiberry, that's the pink half swirl on the bottom, tasted a bit like blueberries to me. It's one of the latest trendy health foods, touted as full of antioxidants. Tart frozen yogurt, similar fresh fruit, mochi, and nut toppings as all the other frozen yogurt places.

Cefiore - Monterey Park 3

Similarly priced too. Single flavor with three toppings is $4.70, double flavor with three toppings is $5.95. But at 38 cents an ounce and a dozen flavors, I'd rather hit up Nubi Yogurt - San Gabriel for my frozen yogurt cravings. Well, that is, until Yogurtland opens soon in the San Gabriel Valley with their 30 cents an ounce and 16 flavors.

August 22, 2010 Update:
The signage is gone, the store is empty. This location of CeFiore is closed.

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141 N. Atlantic Blvd., #112
Monterey Park, CA 91754

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  1. oh, yum; i experienced a portion of froyo from your recommendations. next time I am out there, I might have to try this, because tart sounds good to me.

  2. There's a CeFiore here on Hollywood Blvd and my first thought was that it was quite icy compared to my favorite froyo place, Yogurtland. I prefer the self-serve style of Yogurtland, and like you mentioned, how it's only 30 cents an ounce. I like to get the no-sugar added bluberry yogurt and pile on the strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and kiwis. Yum! I hope yours open soon.

  3. it's been a longgggggggg time since i had a cup of frozen yoghurt...let me find some (it is harder to find in hk)...i think sc might love it too

  4. Maybelle's Mom,
    I'm just waiting for the saturation point...

    Make it Spicy,
    Ah, OK, so maybe it's just this location then. B/c the Little Tokyo location is quite icy too.

    Must be hard to find fro-yo in HK!


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