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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pita Fresh Grill - Fountain Valley and Live on the Go III

My series of Greek posts made me crave what else?

Greek food! I wanted some souvlaki, tzatziki, hummus, pita bread, gyros...

Pita Fresh Grill - Fountain Valley 1

And so it was that when I found myself in Orange County last week, I decided to try out Pita Fresh Grill in Fountain Valley. If you'll remember, the second time I used Live on the Go for The Cravery in Tustin, the website's wrong address meant lil' sis drove around in circles. The Live on the Go folks nicely apologized for the error and offered me a $25 credit. This time, I chose a restaurant that was right off the freeway, in an area that I knew well since I used to work nearby.

Every time I use Live on the Go, I think of lil' sis's friend who never cooks. She and her husband are the type of people who would use and appreciate this service the most. They both have long commutes so they always meet up somewhere on the way home from work, or they pick up something to-go. Instead of keeping track of multiple paper menus and calling to order, it's sometimes easier to check off a list and run in and grab your food.

As before, the website was easy to navigate. I punched in the zip code and selected restaurants within 5 miles of where I was going to be. Real-time menus with lunch or dinner pricing. Placed my order for when I figured I'd be ready to pick-up and crossed my fingers. Actually, I wasn't that worried. I've never had a problem with the order not going through, it was just that second time with the wrong map that was a negative experience.

Anyway, Pita Fresh Grill is located in a strip mall just off the Euclid Street exit off the 405. What else is new right? It is Fountain Valley after all. I was pleasantly surprised by the interior though. Bright blue tablecloths and splashes of blue throughout the restaurant. Nothing fancy, but it did make me think of Greece and the Mediterranean. I would have taken a photo but I think they would have looked at me weird. You know, if I walked in the door and immediately snapped a picture for no reason.

My order was packaged and ready to go when I got there so I was only inside for a few seconds at most.

Got home 45 minutes later and opened the boxes to see how the food fared after the trip. I think you can tell by the photos that the food was still mighty tasty.

I ordered the meze combo for $7.95 which included dolmades, hummus, kopanisti, tzatziki, gyro meat, and pita bread. I forgot to take a photo of the extra gyro and pita but it was a pretty good-sized serving on top of all this.

Pita Fresh Grill - Fountain Valley 2

I had intended to save this for dinner. So despite having just finished lunch, I couldn't resist sampling a bit of everything. The kopanisti (Greek feta cheese, roasted red peppers, and habanero dip) was new to me and quite tasty.

Pita Fresh Grill - Fountain Valley 3

I also ordered the souvlaki plate for $8.95 which included two lamb skewers (or a choice of chicken or pork), rice pilaf (which you can't see underneath everything but it was a generous portion as well), a Greek side salad, and pita bread. Added a gyro for an extra $2. I was expecting maybe a smaller gyro sandwich, but it was just the extra meat. Maybe they should change that on the website to say $2 for extra gyro meat like it says on the meze platter so there's no confusion.

The Greek side salad was disappointing. Lettuce, cucumbers, onions, and crumbled feta. The menu says the full-sized order of the Greek salad includes Romaine lettuce, so it wasn't just because I got the side salad. (Haha! Peter of Kalofagas, I can just see you getting all upset about this, but you know I don't mind lettuce in my Greek salads.) Those are just very minor complaints though. The lamb was lovely, not gamey at all. It even tasted great lukewarm and totally satisfied my Greek grilled lamb cravings.

Pita Fresh Grill - Fountain Valley 4

Extra $2 for a generous portion of grilled vegetables which included eggplant, bell pepper, and onion. There's actually another layer of veggies underneath what you see in the photo.

Pita Fresh Grill - Fountain Valley 5

And lastly, $1.75 for Greek pastries, which ended up being koulourakia (Greek butter cookies).

Pita Fresh Grill - Fountain Valley 6

No, I didn't eat everything at once. The food lasted me for four meals. And it was still good every time.

Live on the Go


Pita Fresh Grill
18011 Newhope, Ste. E
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Mondays through Fridays 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturdays 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed Sundays

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  1. I went to one island on Greece for just one week last year and besides the awesome time with my friends, I think about the amazing food I ate every day of that trip.

  2. Esi,
    I had a great time on my trip too. Too bad this was before blogging or else I would have snapped so many food pictures! Now I can't remember what I ate. Would have loved to be able to have those pictures now.


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