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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Parga - Greece

After our brief trip to Gaios, Paxos, we headed 8 miles east toward the mainland town of Parga.

A Venetian fortress high above the harbor.

Parga - Greece 1

Another Venetian fortress, built in 1624.

Parga - Greece 2

My first glimpse of Parga, population 4,000.

Parga - Greece 3

As the boat came around the harbor, I snapped and snapped my camera.

Parga - Greece 4

And got this panoramic image after I pasted everything together. If you've been reading this blog from way, way back, you'd recognize this picture when I discovered Autostitch. I was so amazed until I realized that the Photo Stitch function in my Canon camera program was already available for free. :P

Parga - Greece 5

Close-ups of the panorama again.

Parga - Greece 6

Parga - Greece 7

Parga - Greece 8

Parga - Greece 9

Parga - Greece 10

And jutting out into the bay, the tiny island of Panagia, with one lone church.

Parga - Greece 11

Most tourist offices in Corfu offer a combined day-trip to the island of Paxos and the mainland town of Parga. It's about a 1 1/2 hour boat ride to and fro, with several hours for you to explore each town. I paid about $50 euros for the package with pick-up from hotel, not sure what the cost is now.

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1 year ago today, Zafarani Polow (Persian Saffron Rice).


  1. Fantastic photos of Corfu, Paxos and Parga. Corfu is a large island and even with a car, it would be hard to see everything in a week.

  2. What beautiful scenery. My Greek trip was a highlight. It's good to see you enjoying yours. I guess vicarious European travel is better than none at all, no? Have fun...be safe!

  3. Peter,
    I wish I had been able to do more in Corfu. So very many possibilities!

    These pictures were from a while ago. Just reliving my travels!


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