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Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Other Dahlia

Hard to believe that something that looks like this, will eventually become as beautiful as this.

Does anyone know what kind of dahlia this is? Thanks to Passionate Eater's help, I think this may be a Wine and Roses dahlia, but I'm not completely sure since the petals are too rounded. Thanks to more reader help, I think we've found it. Jonathan of Days of the Dragon pointed me to a picture of a Match dahlia, which has more pointed ends like this bloom. Yay! Mystery solved!

My Other Dahlia 1

My Other Dahlia 2

My Other Dahlia 3

My Other Dahlia 4

More flower pictures can be found in garden updates.

1 year ago today, individual hot pots at Jazz Cat Cafe - Alhambra (Closed).


  1. PE,
    Great site. April Dawn's blooms are too big and the plant is too short. I think this might be Wine and Roses.

  2. Beautiful! Do they last long? Easy to grow? Don't think it will suit the climate in Malaysia right?

  3. These are spectacular. I adore dahlias, but have had no luck in growing them. My plats have produced pale, puny flowers, and I wrote it off to the So Cal climate. And now I see these beauties that knock my gardening shoes off.

  4. These flowers are sooo beautiful! I can only appreciate them in pictures. Unfortunately, they cannot grow in this hot tropical weather, unless in a greenhouse... :(

  5. oh goshhhh how gorgeous are those!!! i bet i cud never grow anything like that T_T

  6. I think it's more likely "Match", "Wine and Roses" petals are more rounded, I think.


  7. That's a beautiful flower wandering chopsticks.. u r good in the kitchen AND garden!

  8. PP,
    They last from spring to fall so even though they're tubers, they around almost all year long. I don't do anything to them so they're super easy to grow. Ning said they don't grow in the Philippines though, so maybe they won't grow in Malaysia either?

    Susan C.,
    Maybe if you tried planting them in another spot? I have no gardening advice, it just works sometimes.

    Aww, that's too bad. I would think the weather in California and the tropics would be pretty similar, but I guess not.

    Of course you can! You can do anything! :)

    Yes! It looks exactly like Match. Mystery solved. Thanks!


  9. The photos are so beautiful! I especially like the last three photos. If there were no ants however it would look exceedingly picturesque and pulchritudinous! But still very vibrant flowers :). Very nice!

  10. WSL98787,
    Thanks! I rather like the ants. Makes it look real. :)

  11. I agree, the ants do make the photo look very "nature" like and unaltered!

  12. WSL98787,
    Or I didn't want to touch the ants by picking them off. :P


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