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Friday, November 06, 2009

Soda Xi Muoi (Vietnamese Preserved Plum Drink)

On a hot day, nothing beats the refreshing sweet-sour tang of a Soda Xi Muoi (Vietnamese Preserved Plum Drink). The recipe is so simple that it really isn't even a recipe.

Soda Xi Muoi (Vietnamese Preserved Plum Soda)

Soda Xi Muoi (Vietnamese Preserved Plum Drink)

You'll need:
1 or 2 Xi Muoi (Vietnamese Preserved Plums)
As much sugar as you'd like
Club soda, seltzer, or any other clear carbonated beverage of your choice

A little goes a long way, so you really only need one or two preserved plums for a nice big glass.

Xi Muoi (Vietnamese Preserved Plums)

Place the xi muoi in a glass and add the clear carbonated beverage of your choice. Then add sugar. Stir. The preserved plums will soften and flavor the drink even more as time goes by.

If you don't want a carbonated drink, you can just add hot water as if you're making tea. This will extract maximum flavor that much faster. Add sugar and ice if you wish.

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  1. Oh nice!!!Another favorite childhood pastime drink.Yum!

  2. i have enjoyed the plum drink, Soda Xi Muoi, since I was a little girl growing up in S.F. Bay Area. and bought dried plums way back when and still have them in my cupboard - but I was told not to use the dried ones for the drink. Yet, I wasn't told what to use. I tried soaking them, but, whether it seems realistic or not - they never seem to hydrate enough to do anything but be a dried lump in my carbonated water. They don't fall apart in the drink like they are supposed to, like they are TOO dry. What am I doing wrong?

  3. The color that you get from the preserved plum is quite interesting! I would have not expected for it to appear as a rosy red.

    It didn't seem like a long time since I read the Chick Fil A post you wrote last year!

  4. I just realize that I totally forgot about Soda Xi Muoi, its been a whole summer that I've been craving for some cold refreshing drink and I didn't even think about this...argh where was my brain? :-) Pictures look good!

  5. David,
    I think all of us have puckered our mouths on xi muoi at one time or another growing up.

    There's another version of xi muoi that's rounder, not as dried out. It's really just personal preference, but try some other kinds and see what you like.

    The color would get redder if I left it longer. Look at how red the dried xi muoi are. Haha. I think you've been reading the blog too long if you remember past posts.

    My College Kitchen,
    It's still sunny and hot even in the middle of fall, so might as well indulge now!

    Mononoke Kitchen,

  6. I've actually never cooked with this. That's such a good idea that I'm going to try making this drink. Man, my mouth is watering just thinking about the preserved plums.. bah!

  7. Christine,
    The drink is awesome on a hot day. Just the right amount of sweet-tartness.

  8. I have a type of Xi Muoi with no seed.

  9. Yes,you can even drink it with ice and water,the red rosy colour makes it elegant.

  10. Special Asian,
    I've seen those at the store too. And the pickled kind as well.


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