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Friday, November 13, 2009

Longan Blossoms & Fruit

11.13 Longan Blossoms & Fruit 1

It's always a mystery to me how these blossoms can become...

11.13 Longan Blossoms & Fruit 2

...this fruit.

11.13 Longan Blossoms & Fruit 3

The longan tree blossoms in May.

11.13 Longan Blossoms & Fruit 4

By September, I start getting eager to see the green fruit.

11.13 Longan Blossoms & Fruit 5

They're not ready to eat until November.

11.13 Longan Blossoms & Fruit 6

Longans fresh picked off the tree are so crunchy and delicious.

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  1. Where do you get these trees to bear fruit? I like Longan, but the ones I bought from the store are not so good, even though they are not that cheap either :( I am sure the fresh ones taste the best, but wonder if the fruit has much "meat" to it, or mostly is the seed?

  2. Co Toan,
    My family buys our fruit trees from Mimosa Nursery in East LA. There's quite a bit of meat and they have a wonderful crunch. I'll take more photos so you can see the inside.


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