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Friday, November 20, 2009

Ong Ga Nae Korean BBQ - Rowland Heights

After picking up that ratty armchair off the street for me to DIY later, cousin Q and I headed to my brother's house. I forgot why because these photos have been sitting around since April 2008.


That's what happens when things sit too long in the queue. I just forget everything if the photos didn't remind me it happened.

Ong Ga Nae Korean BBQ - Rowland Heights 1

This was the second visit to Ong Ga Nae Korean BBQ in Rowland Heights. The first time was a few years back when cousin Q's older brother suggested it for a big cousins' meet-up. I enjoyed it for the variety of side dishes and because it worked out to be pretty economical for a big group. My cousin says it like what it looks like in Vietnamese. Swap the E with a Y and in Vietnamese, "Ong ga nay" is "This old chicken man." :P

Big suctions to keep you from smelling like meat afterward.

Ong Ga Nae Korean BBQ - Rowland Heights 2

Variety of panchan (Korean side dishes).

Ong Ga Nae Korean BBQ - Rowland Heights 3

But wait! There's more!

Ong Ga Nae Korean BBQ - Rowland Heights 4

Don't forget about the dipping sauces!

Ong Ga Nae Korean BBQ - Rowland Heights 5

We ordered a rib-eye for the grill.

Ong Ga Nae Korean BBQ - Rowland Heights 6

Mmm. Meat!

Ong Ga Nae Korean BBQ - Rowland Heights 7

We also got rice and cold vinegary soup.

Ong Ga Nae Korean BBQ - Rowland Heights 8

The waitress then cut up the steak for us to eat.

Ong Ga Nae Korean BBQ - Rowland Heights 9

We also got an order of Kalbi/Galbi (Korean Marinated Barbecued Beef Short Ribs) for $25.99.

Ong Ga Nae Korean BBQ - Rowland Heights 10

Cinnamon drink for dessert.

Ong Ga Nae Korean BBQ - Rowland Heights 11

So just two meat orders, roughly around $50, is enough to fill up whether you have four or eight people because of the variety of panchan and rice and salad and soup and barley tea and everything else they give you.

I saw a table beside us order the seng bulgogi, sort of like a beefy grilled soup with spinach and mushrooms. That seems to be the popular dish here if you want to try that too.

Afterward, we went across the street to UCC Cafe Plaza - Walnut for siphon-brewed coffee and dessert.

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Ong Ga Nae Korean BBQ 
19745 E. Colima Rd.
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

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  1. Ha...I read the title of your post as "This old chicken man" too before I realized it was a Korean restaurant.

    I can't read Vietnamese at all, I just sort of sounds things out. It reminds me of when I was a kid, I would read banh mi thit nguoi as "human meat sandwiches."

  2. Oh yum! I have to get to one of these here ASAP!

  3. One of my favorite spots too. Lots of panchan the ribeye kalbi is so delish. Portion size is very good. Expensive for only 2 people if you want variety but for a group, not so bad. Need to get back there soon.

  4. Phuong,
    I literally LOL at your reading of thit nguoi! Bwahaha!

    Or just visit SoCal! :P

    Yum Cha Girl,
    For two people, I usually opt for all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue. But $50 for four or especially with eight people was a great deal.


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