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Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh My Pan Bakery & Tea - San Gabriel

So, as I was saying, when I went to visit my new nephew, I wanted to bring my sister-in-law something that her parents were unlikely to have brought. Remembering that she likes the black sesame soy milk from VP Tofu - Monterey Park, I figured black sesame cream puffs seemed like just the thing.

Oh My Pan Bakery and Tea - San Gabriel 1

My first visit to Oh My Pan Bakery and Tea in San Gabriel was in the late afternoon on New Year's Eve, lil' sis and I went with the oldest '87 and the older '88, since the latter two were skipping out on my brother's party that evening. The oldest '87 said Oh My Pan was her newest favorite tea house, pushing out her previous favorite, Half & Half Tea House - Monterey Park.

Oh My Pan replaces what was the San Gabriel location of Boulangerie Pierre & Patisserie - Garden Grove, which closed several years ago.

Cakes and cupcakes since Oh My Pan is a bakery too.

Oh My Pan Bakery and Tea - San Gabriel 2

Chocolate panda cupcake, $2.65.

Oh My Pan Bakery and Tea - San Gabriel 3

Cream puffs and mini cakes.

Oh My Pan Bakery and Tea - San Gabriel 4

Taro cream puff, $1.95.

Oh My Pan Bakery and Tea - San Gabriel 5

Black sesame cream puff, $1.95.

Oh My Pan Bakery and Tea - San Gabriel 6

Green tea cupcake with black sesame filling, $2.35.

Oh My Pan Bakery and Tea - San Gabriel 7

Taro cake, $2.75.

Oh My Pan Bakery and Tea - San Gabriel 8

The array of freshly baked buns was tempting, but I was here mainly for tea on this visit.

Oh My Pan Bakery and Tea - San Gabriel 9

Teas are $2.60 to $3.50. Get a business card to collect stamps. Buy 10, get 1 free. I can't remember what each person got, but I ordered the osmanthus green tea and the oldest '87 usually gets lychee tea. Really excellent, fresh-brewed teas.

Oh My Pan Bakery and Tea - San Gabriel 10

I also ordered the brick toast since it came highly recommended by Tony of SinoSoul.

Butter milk thick toast, $2.75. I found it actually a bit dry, and much prefer the more buttery version at Tea Station - Alhambra.

Oh My Pan Bakery and Tea - San Gabriel 11

On my subsequent visit to buy the black sesame cream puff for my sister-in-law, I paid closer attention to the freshly baked buns.

Green tea with taro and red bean, $1.60.

Oh My Pan Bakery and Tea - San Gabriel 12

The sign said Top No. 1, so of course, I had to try it. Coffee bun with sea salted butter, $1.35.

Oh My Pan Bakery and Tea - San Gabriel 13

I bought a regular green tea bun as well.

Oh My Pan Bakery and Tea - San Gabriel 14

The green tea bun tasted a little bit soapy if you can imagine, but the coffee bun was heavenly. After dinner at Nem Nuong Ninh Hoa Vietnamese Restaurant - Rosemead with my childhood friend, I offered up my remaining half of the coffee bun for dessert. She wolfed that down, but only took a bite of the green tea.

Oh My Pan Bakery and Tea - San Gabriel 15

After dinner at Ton-Chan Ramen - San Gabriel with Gourmet Pigs one evening, I mentioned the black sesame cream puffs for dessert so off we went again.

Oh My Pan Bakery and Tea - San Gabriel 16

I just realized I have pretty sad pictures of the black sesame cream puff, but trust me, they're quite worth a visit to Oh My Pan just for that. In fact, my brother asked me several times for the name of my new favorite place since his wife liked the black sesame cream puff so much.

The happy little chocolate face on the green tea black sesame cupcake says bye!

Oh My Pan Bakery and Tea - San Gabriel 17

Since Oh My Pan is just across the street and down a ways from Gabrielino High School, you'll see quite a crowd of high school students at peak hours. There's plenty of underground parking if the small lot is full.

I can't remember all the teas I've tried, but from yogurt green tea to the fruit-flavored blends, they've all been good. And the black sesame cream puff and coffee sea salt bun are definitely my favorite items from the bakery.

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Oh My Pan Bakery & Tea
801 E. Valley Blvd Ste. 105-106
San Gabriel, CA 91776
9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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  1. Looks like a gem of a place. Really nice ingredient combinations.

  2. Cream puffs looks amazing! I would have totally ordered them, and your pictures of them look very delicious - I don't know what you are talkin bout!

  3. You posted this fast :) I'm sad that they gave me the wrong pastry to go! Liked the sesame cream puff but I had already tried it!

  4. Are coffee buns a new trend? I've seen them at my local Asian bakeries, and there also seems to be a chain (o' my buns) that offers them.

    I like how the toast was plated on "new wave" style tableware.

  5. 5 o'clock tsp,
    It's really great for something a little light, and when I'm feeling like a nice iced tea.

    Haha. I just realized I didn't do much in terms of close-ups of the cream puffs.

    Yeah, sometimes I don't always want to dig through past posts. :P

    Must be since I've seen them at a few other places. Makes sense since they go well with tea or coffee, which is what the bakeries sell.


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