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Monday, January 16, 2012

Japanese Meiji Ginger and Milk Chocolate

Japanese Meiji Ginger and Milk Chocolate 1

Speaking of Japanese chocolates, lil' sis brought gave me this Meiji Ginger and Milk Chocolate after she got back from Japan. I loved the individually-wrapped sticks. Love great packaging.

The flavor was very mild and smooth.

She also got me these cute panda pins to decorate bento boxes and food-safe pens since she remembered the ones I used for the Hello Kitty Cake Pops didn't work so well.

Japanese Meiji Ginger and Milk Chocolate 2

All the pandas have different poses. So cute! She said I could use them to decorate cupcakes.

But they're so cute! I wanna keep them. If I use them to top cupcakes, people will want to keep them.

Just tell people they have to return my little pandas, lil' sis said.

But that's so rude! So I'll just show you instead and not share. :P

Lil' sis insists that she has "fans." Don't you think she should prove it by guest-blogging about her trip to Japan? :)

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  1. I'm sorry...

    While I'm sure your sister would make a wonderful guest blogger, I am too transfixed by the extra adorable panda pins to think about anything but them!

  2. hi wc - yes, please, let's have your sis be a 'guest blogger'! i'd love to hear about her time spent in japan!

    i feel the same way about the panda pins. i would be loathe to use them because i'd want them for myself! haha...

  3. Oddlyme,
    Haha. Yeah, the panda pins look like they're flipping through the air. I guess I need to do a bento box so I can blog them.

    Ha! My sister says it takes too much to blog. She just uploaded her photos on Facebook and called it a day.


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