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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lucky New Year by Mary Man-Kong

Lucky New Year by Mary Man-Kong 1

A while back I bought "Lucky New Year" by Mary Man-Kong from the bargain bin at Amazon. I didn't know what to expect, but have been steadily accumulating a pile of my childhood favorites and some cultural books just because. I was so pleasantly surprised by the clever pop-ups though that I went out and bought four more to give as gifts. (It was a 4-for-3 book promotion.)

The niece, Pablo, baby A, and baby M3 all love the book if that's any kind of endorsement. Wanna see why?

The spinning wheel of zodiac signs. We're in the Year of the Dragon in case you weren't aware.

Lucky New Year by Mary Man-Kong 2

Clean the house before the Lunar New Year starts so you can begin with a clean slate. The little broom swishes back and forth. The oranges on the opposite page are scratch-and-sniff.

Lucky New Year by Mary Man-Kong 3

Dim sum!

Lucky New Year by Mary Man-Kong 4

Long noodles for long life. I love the noodle ribbons. Lift the flap on the red money envelope.

Lucky New Year by Mary Man-Kong 5

Scary dragon. Well, actually, it's a lion dancer, but I always thought he looked more like a dragon. Pull the flap and you see...

Lucky New Year by Mary Man-Kong 6

...scary eyes and tongue.

Lucky New Year by Mary Man-Kong 7

Yay! Happy New Year!

Lucky New Year by Mary Man-Kong 8

How could any kid resist all the cool pop-ups? Sure some of the new year traditions are a little gimmicky, but it's still a fun book to teach and entertain kids about this holiday. Unfortunately, all the bargain book versions are sold out so it's no longer $4. :( Still, if you don't need to buy four books, and one will just do, it's highly recommended by me and at least four toddlers. :)

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  1. That is so cute! I should get one for my nieces.

  2. bluang3lbby,
    It's the best! Every kid I give this book to loves it.

  3. Fyi, the characters for the animals on the calendar are wrong.

    1. Oooh, I was actually just informed that even though the characters translate incorrectly, they are from an older calendar. Interesting choice by the author or illustrator to use these characters instead.


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