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Friday, May 30, 2008

Friendship Sealed with a Case of Mangoes

Yesterday when half of the White on Rice Couple was in L.A., I suggested we meet up. I've drooled over their gorgeous pictures for months, chuckled over their senses of humor, and watched in awe at their amazing videos. It was just a last minute thing, because she was already downtown and yet, Diane showed up at my door with an entire case of mangoes. Man, if I didn't already love her, the mangoes would have sealed the deal.
Mango 1
Hey, my friendship can be bought, but it doesn't come cheap! Mangoes are nearly twice as expensive as they were last year. :( The day before, I was at the grocery store and bought one mango. I couldn't justify buying a whole case even though I love mangoes so. And yet, she gave me a whole case. She said to share with my family, but ummm...if they don't know I have them, it's not selfish right? Right? In the close-up, don't the mangoes look like dinosaur eggs?
Mango 2
Anyway, so I've made Egg Rolls Stuffed with Bananas and Mangoes with Nutella Dipping Sauce, Goi Xoai Xanh (Vietnamese Green Mango Salad), Mango Bread, Mango Salsa, and Mangoes with Sticky Rice - Vietnamese-Style. Then last year when I asked ya'll what should I do with this case of mangoes, someone suggested mango chicken. Well, I did make mango chicken way back in September. But it just wasn't colorful enough so I haven't posted my recipe yet. What do you think? Do ya'll want the recipe anyway? Or should I make another batch and add some colorful bell peppers or something and then post a recipe?
Mango Chicken
In all honesty, I don't know why I ask because I can happily devour the whole case as is. Well, not in one sitting mind you, but I don't need to cook mangoes to enjoy them. I like them even when they're the world's smallest mangoes and take more work to peel than to eat. Hmm. Maybe mango sorbet or mango shortbread squares? Anyway, so we went on a little eating frenzy last night. She decided to try Bollini's Pizzeria Napolitana - Monterey Park, where we ordered a large half Salsiccia 3 and half Fungi E Tartufi and the crab-stuffed mushroom appetizer. She literally scraped the plate clean. With a fork though. She's mannerly like that. ;) She even saved one lone mushroom for her better half. We saved him three slices of pizza too. Then we moved on to 85 Degrees C Tea House - San Gabriel where we shared a mung bean shaved snowflake and a pot of semen tea. Then, oh, yeah, we're not done yet, we went to J & J (Jin Jian) Restaurant - San Gabriel where we had an order of pork and an order of pork/crab xiao long bao (Shanghai soup dumplings) and Shanghai sticky rice cakes. Don't worry, most of that went home with her other half as well. Before the eating extravaganza though, she got a tour of my uncles' gardens. So here's a happy reminder of my second-youngest uncle's baby pomelos. Can you spot all three?
Thanks again White on Rice Couple! You're the best! ***** 1 year ago today, a very, very basic cucumber salad that lil' sis and I happily munch on all summer long.


  1. oh im jealous, its kinda hard to find mangoes as beautiful as those in our area...and that chicken mango recipe rocks!!! i love it!! great photo too!!

  2. Great post, WC, and what fun you two had as you shared your restaurant finds with another blogger. It's handy to have a third person to bring stuff home to, so you can order more food to try!

    Someone gave a friend of mine a box of Manila mangoes not realizing my friends were not big mango fans AND they were leaving town the next day. So I inherited them :-)

  3. Oh you beat me to it! Yes, you described our eating adventure so well! I had such a fabulous and delicious time, if you only really knew. I couldn't stop raving to everyone that I now have my SGV insider, the food explorer, my eating partner in crime, Wandering Chopsticks! Thank you!
    Could you tell that I was in a food coma after the second serving of dumplings? I shouldn't have eaten that amazing third piece of Bollini's pizza, or the extra stuffed mushroom. I think licking the plate clean of the home made pesto really did me in too. Yeah, I really don't have manners when it comes to good food. I'm a ravenous, plate licking, manner-less pig and proud of it! :)
    I could barely drive home without falling asleep! But lucky all that semem kept me awake.;) I walked through the door and had to immediately explain my semen indulgence to Todd. ;)
    But all the extras made up for it and he's happy now, waiting to finally join us again.
    The mango chicken looks great, save some for us, please.

  4. Oh man, sounds fun. :) I was actually at Bollini's last night, too. I've been wanting to try it for so long after reading your blog, but I was too lazy to go until now. I live so close to the other two places you two went to, but I still haven't tried anything from there, either.

  5. Yummy! I love mangoes too and for me, the best way is to enjoy it just the way it is! Slurps!

    WOw...eating spree! Haha..we as in the food bloggers in Malaysia do food crawl like that from time to time.

  6. Dhanggit,
    Thanks. I'd imagine mangoes would be hard to find around you. :(

    Not mango fans? How can that be possible?

    I had a fabulous time! I could have written more about everything we talked about but that'd make the post way too long already. You're welcome to come back any time!

    We were actually at Bollini's Thursday night. I'm glad you finally went to try it out.

    It was great fun, but not good for my waistline!

  7. You are so lucky. I wish someone would give me some mango. How about making mango macaron??

  8. I have eaten with Diane from White on Rice Couple - it is a joy! I think the mago chicken looks great!

  9. I have two mangoes sitting here looking for something to do....post the recipe please!

  10. Pamela,
    Oh dear, I think that may be way beyond my skills.

    Diane is the best!

    Mary Ruth,
    Sure thing. But now I feel compelled to make the dish prettier. :)

  11. wait, I missed something... what exactly is semen tea? I'm scared to google it, but maybe you can clue us in?

  12. Foodhoe,
    Pictures and description of semen tea are in the 85 Degrees link I posted.


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