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Monday, May 19, 2008

Mo Hanh (Vietnamese Scallion Oil)

Mo Hanh 4

Mo hanh (Vietnamese scallion oil) is a quick and easy topping to enhance plain rice or noodle dishes such as the banh hoi (Vietnamese steamed rice vermicelli sheets) that are often served with Chao Tom (Vietnamese Grilled Shrimp Paste Wrapped Around Sugarcane). You can also use to top plain sticky rice, banh beo (Vietnamese steamed rice discs topped with dried shrimp), Ca Bong Lau Nuong (Vietnamese Roasted Catfish), or brush over grilled corn. This recipe is so quick and easy, it really doesn't need photo illustrations. But here you go anyway.

Mo Hanh (Vietnamese Scallion Oil) 

You'll need:
1 bunch of scallions, chopped
1 to 2 tblsp oil
A pinch of salt

Chop up 1 bunch of scallions.

Mo Hanh 1

Pour about 1 or 2 tblsp of plain oil (olive oil is too strong in flavor for this) into a pan on medium-high heat. You don't need too much oil as the onions will release plenty of moisture.

Mo Hanh 2

When the oil is hot, add in the chopped green onions and a pinch of salt.

Mo Hanh 3

When the onions have all wilted, you're done.

Mo Hanh 4

See? I told you the recipe was easy. The quick frying softens the harshness of the green onions. I don't always use all of the oil part, just scoop out the parts with the scallions. Mo hanh provides just enough richness to keep plain rice or noodle dishes from tasting too dry. And of course, you'll need this for my ca bong lau nuong recipe.

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  1. I make mo han in the microwave. It makes it even easier!

  2. I think it also used to be made with pork fat instead of vegetable oil.The bonus is crispy bits of fried pork fat. (Gasp the calories and artery clogging effects) As an alternative,to give that extra something, I sometimes add chicken broth powder to the mo han when made with oil. Especially good on banh hoi (rice vermicelli sheets).

  3. My mom does it the same way. So easy!

  4. Neneh,
    Yes, easier, but no sizzling oil action. :)

    Yum Cha Girl,
    Yes, pork fat. Can you imagine pouring lard over food? :P

    Yup. Super easy.


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