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Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Wokking and Rules

Weekend Wokking
One of the things I've noticed with food blogging is how recipes seem to synchronize. Part of the reason is because many of us are trying to cook with seasonal ingredients. The other part is because once we see a certain item on someone else's blog, we might be persuaded to try it ourselves. So why not challenge each other and compile those recipes at the same time? So I've decided to create a food blogging event called "Weekend Wokking." I was thinking along the lines of the spirit of Iron Chef, but as I'm sure the title is copyrighted, I had to invent a new name along with a logo. I really liked the picture of one of my woks which featured its lid, bamboo cleaning whisk, and frying spoon. So perhaps Carbon Steel Wok? Nah, not catchy enough. Wok. Wok. Wok. Hmm. Weekend Wokking? No matter what else I attempted, the WW sounds stayed in my head. So Weekend Wokking it is. Of course, use of a wok is not required for the recipes. Also, unlike Iron Chef, I don't want a food fight to determine a winner. I just want to see how many different variations we can make of one ingredient. Wouldn't it be great to see a variety of cuisines and to see how each of us handles that one ingredient? Taking cues from Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen, who created Weekend Herb Blogging, let's get everyone "Weekend Wokking." I'll be the first host, but I'd like "Weekend Wokking" to rotate so if you're interested in hosting send me an email at wanderingchopsticks (at) gmail (dot) com. For now, let's make it a monthly event, with the round-up on the first Wednesday of each month. Weekend Wokking on Wednesdays. :) Here are the rules:
1. Entries for Weekend Wokking must be written specifically for the event, and the posts cannot be submitted to other food blog events. Exceptions include entries that are also submitted in photo contests. 2. Entries are encouraged to be original recipes created by the submitter, but if you made someone else's recipe, please include a link to that person's recipe. You are allowed to revisit your recipes, provided that the photos and post are new and created specifically for the event. 3. Submissions must include the words Weekend Wokking and a link back to this post. If the round-up is hosted by someone else, submissions must include a link to this post and a link to that round-up's host. For example: Weekend WokkingI'm submitting this recipe to Weekend Wokking, a world-wide food blogging event created by Wandering Chopsticks to celebrate the multiple ways we can cook one ingredient. The host this month is Wandering Chopsticks. If you would like to participate or to see the secret ingredient, check who's hosting next month. Or if you'd like a slightly larger logo. Weekend WokkingI'm submitting this recipe to Weekend Wokking, a world-wide food blogging event created by Wandering Chopsticks to celebrate the multiple ways we can cook one ingredient. The host this month is Wandering Chopsticks. If you would like to participate or to see the secret ingredient, check who's hosting next month. Or at the very least, the entry should say: This recipe is for Weekend Wokking hosted by Wandering Chopsticks. Use of the logo is encouraged but not required. 4. The compilation of Weekend Wokking will be posted on the first Wednesday of each month at a time that is most convenient for the host. The inaugural round-up will take place on Wednesday, June 4. Entries must be submitted to the host by the end of the weekend ie. Sunday at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time, prior to the first Wednesday of each month. You can use the Time Zone Check to see what time the deadline is in your part of the world. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the host. Please put Weekend Wokking in the subject line of the email to make it easy for the host to identify entries. Also, include: Your name or what name you would prefer to be called: The name of your blog: What part of the world you want identified as your residence: The title of the recipe: A permalink URL to the recipe: One recipe per entry, one entry per person please. 5. The current host gets to pick the secret ingredient for the next round. Hosts will announce the next secret ingredient at the end of the current round-up. If the next host is unable to obtain the secret ingredient when it is their turn, they may opt out of posting a recipe of their own, but, of course, will still host the round-up. Choose only one "secret ingredient." There are no restrictions on ingredients, but I'd like to express some reminders. Please keep in mind that some ingredients may not be available to everyone. I think it'd be nice to be seasonal with ingredients but you don't have to. And lastly, please be aware of others' budgets. Recipes may be anything you wish, as long as there is some form of the secret ingredient in it.
And lastly, it's not a rule, but please remember to thank the host(ess). Round-ups take quite a bit of work and its nice to show them some appreciation. With all that said, the first "secret" ingredient will be ASPARAGUS! Let's see how many recipes we can make with asparagus shall we? Please email wanderingchopsticks (at) gmail (dot) com. Submit entries by 11:59 PM, Sunday, June 1 for inclusion in the Wednesday, June 4 round-up. I know it's short notice but I only just came up with the idea! And I was so excited I had to implement it straight away! Rules for Weekend Wokking Weekend Wokking Round-Up Who's Hosting Weekend Wokking? Weekend Wokking Host Duties We Wok! ***** 1 year ago today, a smiley face on my bimbimbap (Korean mixed rice).


  1. love your blog. your pics are gorgeous. we will add this event to our event calendar.

  2. Interesting! Let me see if I got time this weekend to whip something out with asparagus.

  3. Oh I love the idea! I just don't think I'll be able to find asparagus where I live so will be skipping this month :(

  4. I love this idea!

    But I don't have a wok, in the UK :-(

    So, I will be reading and salivating instead ...

  5. Darn all my end of the school year papers/finals are creeping up on me now. I will try to participate this round if I can...but if not then next time! Awesome idea! =)

  6. Cool! We'll be heating up our wok for this one! Time to get some asparagus!

  7. Bee,
    Thanks! I hope you do participate.

    I hope you find time!

    Oh no! Perhaps you can find cream of asparagus soup or something with asparagus in it?

    No wok required! Just my attempt at a gimmicky name.

    Make J do the bacon-wrapped asparagus I just posted.

    Yay! More participants.

  8. hohoho i wanna join i wanna join

    lemme see if i am capable to handle the challenge hehehe

  9. MCR,
    Yes, join in. What's taking you so long? :)

  10. Just found out about your Weekend Wokking event and I'd like to participate. Thanks for creating this. :) I'll put the logo on my blog with a link back here -- to remind me and to let all my visitors know about this foodie event.

  11. Gloria,
    I hope you participate. It's lots of fun to see how different all the dishes are, even though we're using the same ingredient.

  12. This is such a fantastic idea. I'm really excited to participate when I get my blog up and running (aka when I get out of this dorm and back into a real kitchen, this summer). I don't suppose I'd be able to submit a recipe some month before then without having a blog to post it on?

    Thanks again for coming up with this!

  13. Mythic Writer,
    Unfortunately, you do need a blog to have a place to post your recipes. :)


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