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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WC's Chao Tom (Vietnamese Shrimp Paste-Wrapped Sugarcane) by Blondee47

Back in October, reader Blondee47 told me she was looking for sugarcane so she could make my recipe for Chao Tom (Vietnamese Grilled Shrimp Paste Wrapped Around Sugarcane). It took seven months, but she finally managed to find some in Canada. Unfortunately, some of the pieces looked like this.
Chao Tom by Blondee47 1
I advised her to cut off all the discolored parts and to keep only the white. If you don't know how, read my post on how to chop and prepare sugarcane.
Chao Tom by Blondee47 2
From Blondee47:
"Here are the amateur pictures of my sugar cane prawns. Except that I did not use prawns but used a combination of minced fish including dore pike and whitefish which I bought from my monger during Passover when he was mincing fish for people to make gefilte fish.
Chao Tom by Blondee47 3
Chao Tom by Blondee47 4
However, all seasonings are yours. I did not serve with rice paper - just on a bed of soba noodles.
Chao Tom by Blondee47 5
Everyone loved it!! Son thought it was chicken - could not believe it was fish. Thanks so much this is going on the 'keeper' list."
Thanks for trying out my recipe and for the feedback Blondee47! Wanna hijack my blog? Check out Readers Cook WC Recipes for guidelines on how you too can participate. ***** 1 year ago today, an orange phosphate, a hot fudge sundae, and a macadamia nut malt at Fair Oaks Pharmacy and Soda Fountain in South Pasadena. And no, I didn't eat it all by myself.


  1. How cool is that?! It's been a jillion years since I tasted the juice right from a sugar cane.

  2. Aww you made me smile today!!
    My pics aren't so bad for an amateur and guess what - I've made it once more since...

  3. PS cutting the bamboo following ur directions was very easy...

  4. Nikki,
    I still have half the sugarcane in my kitchen. I'll have to chop some when we meet up!

    I'm glad you really liked the recipe. I'm an amateur photographer too so it's all good.

  5. I don't know if it takes away from the taste, but my mom uses sugar cane from a can (we're in Canada too!).

  6. Neneh,
    I've suggested sugarcane in a can in my original recipe. Not everyone can find fresh sugarcane!


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