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Friday, May 16, 2008

Ruby's Diner - Commerce and Live On the Go

Every week, I get emails from public relations representatives promoting some product or another. Occasionally, it ends up being something useful. Recently, I was contacted by Live On the Go, a website that lets you place orders online. They wanted to offer a $5 discount to my readers on the first order, and they gave me a $10 discount to try it out.

Ruby's Diner 1

Most of the locations that use this service right now are in Orange County so my readers there will probably find this much more useful. There are a handful of locations in LA County, and more are being added.

I chose Ruby's Diner in the Citadel Outlets, figuring I could make a quick stop at the Le Creuset outlet as well. Can I just say that at even outlet prices, Le Creuset is way too rich for my pocketbook? My Lodge cast iron pans, and non-name brand enameled pots work just fine. Just walk away from the shiny objects.

Anyway, so I placed my order online and set a time of 12:15 for curbside pick-up. That gave me plenty of time to get to the mall, finger some overpriced Le Creuset cookware, before getting back into my car and driving to the front of Ruby's. Yeah, I know, I could have walked over and picked it up in person, but that would defeat the whole purpose of this experiment. Well, I was going under the supposition that if you were to use this service, you'd order and just head over to the restaurant for pick-up.

For those who don't know, Ruby's Diner is a chain of 1940s-themed restaurants offering basic American fare such as hamburgers, French fries, and malts in red-booth and chrome decor with waitresses in stripped dresses.

I waited in my car by the take-out door. I drove up to the curb and then called to tell them I was outside. My kiddie-sized Butterfinger malt for $2.99. Since my malt was still thick, I think they made this fresh when I called them at the curb since it took a few minutes for them to bring out my order.

Ruby's Diner 2

My onion rings and burger nicely packaged to go. In a Live On the Go bag too. Talk about branding!

Ruby's Diner 3

Pretty nice packaging huh? I liked how the containers simulated the straw baskets at diners. Side order of onion rings were $4.99. Kid-sized burger with cheese and fries was $3.99. They also added packets of ketchup and Ranch dressing, plastic utensils, and napkins.

Ruby's Diner 4

The food is just standard American diner fare so there's not much to say about that. This excursion was more to test out Live On the Go's service or ease of use.

What I liked about Live On the Go was that you could view the whole menu and prices online. If you called a restaurant to place an order, sometimes there's a wait, sometimes you don't know the prices unless you happen to have a menu. And sometimes, you just don't want to talk to anyone. On the website, you can check for immediate pick-up (there's usually a 20 minute lag-time) or set a time for pick-up. If there's a difference in breakfast or lunch or dinner menus, like there is at Ruby's, the website also reflects whichever menu is currently offered. If you check the website late at night, it'll only show which restaurants are still open. Everything is "live" so to speak.

So after checking it out, I thought it was useful enough to pass on to all of you. I am not being paid, just offering up a coupon if you're interested.

Anyway, you can take a look at Live On the Go yourself and search for what restaurants are in your area. Use code "chopsticks" for $5 off your first order, minimum purchase of $10. The coupon expires August 30, 2008. But, they told me if enough readers use it, they might extend the expiration date.

I've also created a separate listing for all Wandering Chopsticks Coupons and Discounts. All two of them. :P Hopefully, I'll get some more to add to the list.

Live On the Go

Ruby's Diner
 100 Citadel Dr., #222
Commerce, CA 90040

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  1. You are on a roll this week, take it easy ;-)

    Never though about steaming chicken in a sunbeam. I should really consider using an electric steamer.

  2. Lots of posts this week!
    On the topic of online ordering and discounts, have you heard of restaurants.com? You can use United Airines miles to get certificates. It's a good deal as you need 2,000 miles to get 100 dollars worth in certificates (and then get a 10 for free). Also they offer 25 dollar certificates for 10 dollars or less (right now it is only 4 dollars due to memorial day).

    Intresting post and nice photos!

  3. It's actually restaurant.com and not with the s.

  4. Bill,
    Just trying to catch up. The electric steamers are great for lots of things!

    Thanks for the tip. I save my airline miles for airplane tickets though.

  5. I wish I lived in the area as I'd like to try this out.

    Have you been to any of the Rubys that are on the Pier - like in HB or Newport Beach? It used to be "the place" to go when we were in high school.

  6. Christine,
    The coupon doesn't expire until the end of August so you can use it next time you're in town. I've never been to the end Ruby's at either of those piers, but that's where they started!


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