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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sofitel Plaza Saigon Chocolate Buffet

Happy Valentine's Day! In honor of this chocolate-filled holiday, I thought I'd share some photos from the Sofitel Plaza Saigon's chocolate buffet. Photos are from August 2005. The chocolate buffet had just opened that summer and costs approximately $8 US. (For comparison, an average Vietnamese person earns $1/day.) So yes, this was quite spendy. The chocolate buffet is located in the L'Elysee Bar, just to the left of the front entrance. I took my cousin's daughter as a splurge for my last day in Vietnam. The L'Elysee bar is a lounge area, so the seating is leather armchairs and couches with coffee tables. I ordered a pot of tea and then proceeded to demolish as much chocolate as I could.

There's also a chocolate fountain to dip the fruit skewers. But I spent most of my time on the chocolate mousse, the little cakes, and creme brulee. And yes, I had seconds and perhaps thirds of all of those goodies.

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Sofitel Plaza Saigon Chocolate Buffet - Saigon - Vietnam

Sofitel Plaza Saigon
L'Elysee Bar (on the left side of the entrance)
17 Le Duan
District 1
Saigon, Vietnam


  1. Hi Bill,
    At first I thought there wasn't much selection. But oh, man, I got such a sugar rush.



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