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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lien Hoa Chinese BBQ Food To-Go - Westminster (Little Saigon)

On my way to Dragon Phoenix Palace to meet up with the other OC food bloggers, I passed Lien Hoa Chinese BBQ Food To-Go. Which, of course, reminded me that I had an old photo from last month just sitting around and haven't posted it yet.

I go to Lien Hoa for their $1.50 quails. They're the poor pathetic little birds on the top of this photo. Quail is a dark meat bird, sort of like a really, really tiny duck, but a little drier. Half a roast duck was $6.99 if I remember correctly. The duck was only OK. By the time I got home an hour later, the skin wasn't crispy anymore. :(

They've got roast pig, char siu (Chinese barbecued pork), and other assorted barbecued meats. But I really go for the little quails.

Also, since Little Saigon was still celebrating the Lunar New Year, there was a dragon dance in front of the store. I've never seen a string of firecrackers that started on the roof and went all the way to the ground before.

Traffic started moving again so I barely managed to snap this photo of the dragon dancers. They're the red and black blur in the far right corner of the picture.

Lien Hoa Chinese BBQ Food To-Go
9299 Bolsa Ave.
Westminster, Ca 92683


  1. Hi my dear, I need a backup for my beloved Bolsa BBQ, stat. I have a mean hankering for ga xi dau/soy sauce chicken and not sure which one of the other BBQ shops I should try ... Lien Hoa? Duong Son?

  2. Hi Noodlegirl,

    Hmm. I've never ordered soy sauce chicken from either place. It's usually roast pig and roast duck for me. So did you go? How'd you like it?


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