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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

If Only Ribbons Were Edible, But Thankfully Banana, Nutella, and Peanut Butter Sandwiches Are

Scrumptious aren't they? Too bad I can't digest fabric...

Must think of a way to incorporate them into my quilting...

Found the ribbons on Yarnstorm. They can be ordered from LFN Textiles.

I couldn't eat the lovely little cakes, but reminded of an exchange I had with Christine about
her love of banana and cheese sandwiches, I decided to make a banana, Nutella, and peanut butter sandwich. And Christine, was it assembly instructions or my stellar food photography you were looking for? Because if it's not clear how to assemble this sandwich even with photos, well, you've got bigger problems to deal with. ;)

In Europe, they sell Nutella in gallon-sized containers. I've also seen Trader Joe's make a knock-off version. Nutella can be found in most grocery stores next to the peanut butter.

Banana, Nutella, and Peanut Butter Sandwich

For one sandwich, you'll need:
1 banana sliced
2 slices bread
Smooth peanut butter

I prefer potato or white bread for this because it's softer and has a neutral taste but it's up to your preference.

Spread Nutella on one slice of bread.

Spread peanut butter on other slice.

Add sliced bananas.

Put the slice without the bananas on top of the slice with the bananas.

Slice on the diagonal if you wish.

Here's my attempt at artfully stacking the sandwich halves. Piled on top of each other, they almost resemble a cake. Not a lovely beribboned cake. But at least this version is edible.


  1. Need to buy myself some nutella before I try this :)
    I've tried bananas in a hot cocoa drink before. It should taste similar minus the peanut butter.

  2. haha! It was the pictures. Niiice! Oh dear, if I can't make this sandwich, I'll blame it on school burning me out...then I'll have an excuse to take a long vacation after graduation!

  3. Hey Bill,
    It is. Bananas have potassium. Peanut butter has protein. Chocolate has antioxidants. :)

    Bananas in hot cocoa? That I haven't tried...

    I wasn't sure what kind of food pictures you wanted for this. I hope the sandwich directions weren't too difficult for you. I wouldn't want you to detour toward the blender or adopt the seagull method again! Although a banana, Nutella, and peanut butter milkshake would be more appetizing than to me than your lasagna milkshakes. ;)

  4. Ooooo, that's a new twist. Adding Nutella to a PB&B. My 4-year old will be so excited!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Come back anytime.

  5. Hi Tammy,
    Hope your 4-year-old likes them as much as I do. :)

  6. Totally appreciate this, as I have been known to carry a banana and a jar of Nutella onto the couch with a spoon and just enjoy as is.

    Hey, I've just found your blog and am enjoying really it! Your profile description is so great, makes me want to completely rewrite mine. I'm sensing a fellow Vietnamese girl here.


  7. Poopycat,
    If you're going with the jar and spoon method, why bother with bananas at all?

    Yay! Another VNese woman flogger!


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