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Thursday, February 15, 2007

BCD Tofu House - Rowland Heights

So my brother asked if I wanna go out for Valentine's Day dinner.

Say what?

He said if we stick with Asian restaurants, we should be safe from any couples out for a romantic dinner.

Since I'm still feeling under the weather, the thought of a nice bowl of kimchee soup with a side of kimchee seemed just the thing to clear my sinuses.

For late night eats or a quickie Korean meal, I usually opt for BCD Tofu House. There's 13 locations throughout Southern California, Seattle, Japan, and Korea. Most of the branches are open 24 hours too. And each one specializes in one extra offering beyond tofu.

BCD Tofu House likes to pride itself for serving good Korean food in a clean environment. I've eaten at both the Garden Grove and Rowland Heights locations and have found them to be well-lighted, clean, with good service. Since BCD specializes in tofu, you get at least a dozen different varieties of tofu for around $7.99. Or you can opt for a tofu and barbecued meat combination, which ranges from $13.99 for lunch to $15.99 for dinner. On this particular night, I was in the mood for a lot of meat so I got the dinner portion of kalbi (marinated short ribs) for $17.99.

All orders come with a stone rice bowl, kimchee soup, and at least half a dozen panchan (Korean side dishes). On this night, I lucked out and got 9 panchan.

The corvina fish were nicely breaded and fried. Continuing clockwise: Little fishies, bean sprouts, seasoned potatoes, and scallion pancakes.

Fermented spicy clams, kimchee with clams, and pickles. The kimchee with clams was a nice surprise and makes it extra flavorful.

Kimchee soup. I love the crunch of the fresh napa cabbage and the vinegary broth. Slurp!

The large order of short ribs were nicely charred and seasoned. I sort of filled up on all the panchan so even splitting this order, there was plenty left over to bring home for lil' sis', which was what I intended anyway.
The Rowland Heights branch specializes in bibimbap. Otherwise, the rest of the menu is lots of tofu, kalbi, and beef or pork bulgogi.

Yes, I know, I wrote a Korean tofu restaurant review and didn't order the tofu. But trust me, it's good too. I just wasn't in the mood that night.

And hey, it was Valentine's Day and wasn't the red kimchee, red kimchee soup, and red meat what everyone really wants anyway? ;)

1731 Fullerton Rd.
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
Open 24 Hours


  1. Hey WC - 9 plates of panchan! It must've been Valentine's Day! ;o)

    I'm glad you're feeling better!

  2. Hi Kirk,
    Thanks for repeatedly checking up on me. Kimchee always makes me feel better. :)


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