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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Chao (Vietnamese Rice Porridge)

Can you catch a virus over the internet? Not the electronic virus, but the germy kind?

Chao (Vietnamese Rice Porridge)

Teczcape makes her porridge, not because she's sick, but because she likes it. She also makes it Trieu Chau-style, which is a more watery broth.

Then Budding Cook feels under the weather and makes chao (Vietnamese rice porridge) too but with chicken.

Me? The coughing, wooziness, and headache came unexpectedly. So all I had was leftover chicken broth and rice.

Oh, but the blandness and softness of rice porridge, plus a lot of 7-Up is always the cure when I'm feeling sickly.

Chao (Vietnamese Rice Porridge)

For a 2-quart pot, you'll need:
2 quarts chicken broth or water

Wash and add 1 cup of rice to 2 quarts chicken broth or water.

Simmer on medium for about half an hour or until rice is disintegrated and broth is as thick or thin as you like.


  1. Hi WC - Sorry you're feeling ill, I hope you feel better soon. Take care!

  2. Are you feelin better now ? Hope you are. This is the thicker "chao". You know, the "watery" part of the porridge is actually good for you esp. when you are not feeling well. That watery broth contains lots of Vitamin B-from the rice! Rest well and recover fast.

  3. Oh man, I know how you feel. I was sick last month and ate chao for several days just like that (rice and broth). I think I'll just have it again because it's so good, but I need some of those long donuts on the side. Get well soon!

  4. For a little more zing and zest add dried out orange peels in to the chao during the cooking process...it's a Chinese thing, my in-law does it that way.

    Hope you feel better.

  5. hope you feel better. yummy that looks good :)my mom use to give us 7 up too when we were babies and feeling sickly. :)

  6. Hi Kirk,
    Thanks for your concern. I sure could have used some of that Korean bone soup.


    Vitamin B huh? But wouldn't the vitamin B still be there in a thicker brother? ;)

    Ugh! Don't you hate being laid low?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I wonder if orange peels will work for other soups?

    Budding Cook,
    Seriously, 7-Up is wondrous. When I can't hold anything else down, I can hold down 7-Up.

    Thanks everyone for being so nice and concerned! I'm feeling much better now.

  7. I know a lot of Vietnamese people who make this soup and they always add fresh ginger, cilantro and scallions (green onions). I think those are the ingredients that would really help with getting better when you're sick...if you look up ginger it is an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-histamine and anti-fungal...natural anti-inflammatory..

  8. Katie,
    Thanks for those suggestions. Usually when I'm making this as a meal I add those ingredients for taste. But as I said, I didn't have any of those on hand. Plus, when you're really sick, like I was at this point, you wouldn't add any of those ingredients because they might not stay down. So for upset stomachs, it's best to stay as bland as possible. That's why this is just a plain rice porridge recipe, to be eaten with 7-Up.


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