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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Miss Donuts & Bagel - La Verne

Miss Donuts & Bagel - La Verne 1

On Sundays, there's a crowd lining out the door for the freshly made doughnuts, bagels, and muffins at Miss Donuts & Bagel in La Verne. The downtown area is only a few blocks, but it's the type of downtown where houses have porches and roses spill over white picket fences. Where almost every house gets decked out for every holiday. And where neighbors socialize at the local doughnut shop on weekends.

My friend, who's been doing research in Vietnam for the past year, has been craving doughnuts and tacos like crazy. So I decided to finally check out Miss Donuts & Bagel and buy half a dozen doughnuts to tease him with photographs. Miss Donuts & Bagel makes darned good doughnuts. The inside is light and airy. The outside layer is still crispy as if they had just been lifted from the fryer.

I had taken the pictures in a series, documenting each bite so my friend could vicariously eat along with me. But you don't need to see my bites of half-eaten doughnuts. :P

Miss Donuts & Bagel - La Verne 2

Miss Donuts & Bagel - La Verne 3

The Bavarian creams are filled to the brim with custardy goodness.

Miss Donuts & Bagel - La Verne 4

The maple bars are the best I've ever had. You can just see how light and airy the inside is, but it's that slight crispness to the outside without being greasy that makes the maple bars taste so fresh.

Miss Donuts & Bagel - La Verne 5

The bagels (They sell more than one, although I have no idea why it's singular in their name.) and muffins are decent. But the doughnuts are really where Miss Donuts & Bagel shine.

Other doughnut shops:
TC Donuts - Alhambra

Miss Donuts & Bagel
2082 Bonita Ave.
La Verne, CA 91750


  1. This is a great find. Those are some darn good bagels and pastries.

  2. la,
    Did you try them because of this post? Oh man, I do miss their maple bars.


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