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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Ate What? 2009 Eating Out Roundup

I started off 2009 posting about my cousin's wedding, which really occurred near the end of 2008, but when I started my Dining: Best Of lists, it was too confusing to mention meals I ate that year if I hadn't blogged about it yet. Plus, since it's now taking me years to catch up, not to mention revisits, it's easiest to confine this list to memorable meals that I've blogged about that year. I do try to keep events somewhat in the proper timeline though, even if it takes me a while to write about it. So looking back at the meals I ate in 2009 was also a look back at where I went and what I ate and with whom. There were three trips to Portland (Actually, the first is a belated post about a 2008 visit), two trips to the San Francisco Bay Area, and a trip to the Southwest to see cliff dwellings.

I also ate seven courses of beef twice, filet mignon pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup), fancy dim sum, at my favorite ramen place which opened a location closer to home, a hamburger taco and stuffed sopaipillas, Navajo fry bread, and eight courses of fish. So all in all, not a bad year of eating.

But then there were the highlights. So in no particular order, except chronologically as I come across the posts:

Pearl Chinese Cuisine (Wedding Banquet) - San Diego 16 Most heartwarming has to be cousin Q's older brother's wedding at Pearl Chinese Cuisine (Wedding Banquet) - San Diego. I'd known my cousin's wife for a quite a while before they got married, before they started dating even, back when they were just friends. Since he's one of my closest cousins, it was just a fun wedding to attend. Since then, they've spawned Pablo and Johannes.

Palms Thai Restaurant - Los Angeles (Hollywood) 11 Most quirky Sooo SoCal? Thai Elvis at Palms Thai Restaurant - Los Angeles (Hollywood). Does this really need an explanation? Awful acoustics so you can't hear him well because Thai Elvis is really quite good. The food was just average though.

Bamboodles Restaurant - San Gabriel 2 Most unusual preparation of food at Bamboodles Restaurant - San Gabriel. Can't beat watching a guy bouncing on a giant bamboo pole to knead the dough to make noodles. I miss the green tea pork noodles and the spicy beef stew spinach noodles. And the $1 specials. So sad they closed.

Binh Dan Restaurant (De 7 Mon (Vietnamese Goat in 7 Courses)) - Westminster (Little Saigon) 9 Most bloodthirsty, the congealed blood pudding at Binh Dan Restaurant (De 7 Mon (Vietnamese Goat in 7 Courses)) - Westminster (Little Saigon). I'd always be repulsed when I saw adults eat Vietnamese congealed duck blood pudding when I was a kid. Way too scared to try it back then. But the goat blood pudding was surprisingly tasty. Also helped me knock off #94 of my 100 Vietnamese Foods to Try list. Just two left to go before I can cross off everything.

2 Salvador Molly's - Portland - Oregon 10 Spiciest. As in red-faced-and-gulping-a-pitcher-of-water hot were the Great Balls of Fire at Salvador Molly's - Portland - Oregon. Habanero cheese fritters with habanero dipping sauce? Owww! Just half of one fritter was incredibly painful. Also, pirate cooking?! The chef at Salvador Molly's sent me a nice email after my blog post saying how much fun she has working there, that the owners let her get creative in the kitchen.

17 Main Street Brewery - Cortez - Colorado 8 Most new-to-me eats were a three-way tie between the bull testicles at Main Street Brewery & Restaurant - Cortez - Colorado

Indian Restaurant - San Gabriel 11 and the squid lips and pork rectum at Indian Restaurant - San Gabriel

Raso Minang - West Covina 6 and the Indonesian cow hooves and cow brain curry at Raso Minang - West Covina. Apparently, I will try anything once.

Club 33 - Disneyland - Anaheim 42 Most exclusive has to be the secret Club 33 - Disneyland - Anaheim. Closed guest list, members only, hidden microphones, and just a fun day at the amusement park with my little sister. One of my favorite posts ever.

I guess for me, memorable meals are the ones I share with family, that remind me of what I enjoy about living in SoCal, and that allow me to experience new foods. Here's to more good eats ahead.

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