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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Young Dong Tofu - San Gabriel

Young Dong Tofu - San Gabriel 1

Earlier this summer, I met up with Pink Candles at Ridgemont High and her family, who were up to check out the Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition at Nucleus Art Gallery & Store - Alhambra. She wanted to eat cold noodles for lunch. After running through Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese cold noodle options, she decided on Korean.

I suggested Young Dong Tofu in San Gabriel because the menu specifically has a dish called Korean cold noodles. I know, so generic-sounding, but it was exactly what she asked. :P

Young Dong Tofu is located in a strip mall on Las Tunas Drive where Tokyo Lobby and Sam Woo BBQ are also. Unfortunately, ever since the Albertson's grocery store closed and got boarded up, the area has a rather desolate feel.

The panchan (Korean side dishes) were the usual seaweed, Baechu Kimchee (Korean Pickled Napa Cabbage), salad, cucumber kimchee, and Sukju Namul (Korean Seasoned Mung Bean Sprouts).

Young Dong Tofu - San Gabriel 2

We also got a nice crispy Korean pancake.

Young Dong Tofu - San Gabriel 3

Since it's a tofu house, we got the seafood tofu and bulgogi combo, $14.72. The tofus are $9.20 without the combo. A little bit pricier than I'm used to for tofu actually.

Young Dong Tofu - San Gabriel 4

And the Bulgogi (Korean Marinated Beef).

Young Dong Tofu - San Gabriel 5

Our meal also came with rice in a stone pot.

Young Dong Tofu - San Gabriel 6

A regular order of Kalbi/Galbi (Korean Marinated and Barbecued Beef Short Ribs), not mini sized combo, $14.40. The kalbi went pretty fast, as it almost always does.

Young Dong Tofu - San Gabriel 7

Here, you can see the difference in the smaller combo size of the meat, versus a regular-sized order.

Young Dong Tofu - San Gabriel 8

While we were digging in, we totally forgot that we had also ordered the Korean seasoned cold noodle, $10.99, until the waitress brought it out.

Young Dong Tofu - San Gabriel 9

We weren't really sure what to expect because of the generic-sounding name of the dish. I thought it might have been naeng myun (Korean cold buckwheat noodles) in a beef broth, but when I asked the waitress she said it wasn't a soup. We were pleasantly surprised by the pretty colors and amount of vegetables in the dish.

Young Dong Tofu - San Gabriel 10

The waitress generously poured the dressing from a kettle. A bit of digging and you can find the noodles underneath the mound of lettuce.

Young Dong Tofu - San Gabriel 11

We were pretty hungry and between the four of us, ate a good amount of everything.

Young Dong Tofu - San Gabriel 12

All in all a perfectly good meal, but I prefer Ko Hyang Tofu House - San Gabriel for the larger variety and freshness of its panchan. Still, this was a new restaurant to try, and the Korean Cold Buckwheat Noodle Salad was something that I knew I would later recreate at home.

Afterward, she generously gave presents to me and lil' sis, which you can see on Day 204 in the July post for my Project 365 series of photos.

Check out Pink Candles at Ridgemont High's write up of our lunch.

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Young Dong Tofu (several locations)
927 E. Las Tunas Dr., #F
San Gabriel, CA 91776

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  1. I've never been to a Korean restaurant -- your post makes me want to venture out :-)

  2. hi wc - that was a very good lunch! it was great seeing you again too. i would have been happy just with that noodle salad too! my daughter liked the short ribs the best.

  3. Nikki,
    Never? I love Korean food. I introduced my parents to Korean barbecue last year and they liked it a lot.

    Always nice to catch up with you! Next time, we'll do Vietnamese nem nuong.

  4. Yes! That would be a delicious adventure! I'd also like to try chao tom with you.


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