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Monday, August 08, 2011

Le Arbre Tea House - Rosemead

Le Arbre Tea House - Rosemead 1

Back in March, Tony of SinoSoul and his missus went to check out the mango shaved ice at Le Arbre Tea House in Rosemead. They invited me to join them since the shaved ice will be too big for the two of them to finish. So off I went, looking to find another tea house to replace my usual spot at Tapioca Express Inc. - San Gabriel.

This next photo is pretty hilarious, but if you're easily offended, just bypass it and go down to the third photo.

When I went to connect to Le Arbre's Wi-Fi, look at what someone else had named their network. Bwhaha.

Le Arbre Tea House - Rosemead 2

Also, how apropos that my Post-it note reads "isolated glutton." Ha! That I surely am.

The mango shaved ice, $8.80.

Le Arbre Tea House - Rosemead 3

The texture of the ice wasn't quite right. They were trying to make it like shaved snow, which didn't turn out even half as good as Salju Dessert - Alhambra (which wasn't open at the time). Nor was the snowflake as good as ID Cha House - San Gabriel, which is just up the street. And especially for that amount of money, definitely nowhere near the caliber of PaPa Walk - San Gabriel's foot-high mango shaved ice.

So even armed with a 20% off coupon for their grand opening, we didn't feel like the mango shaved ice was worth it.

I also ordered a passionfruit green tea, $3.80. This was yummy and generous in size.

Le Arbre Tea House - Rosemead 4

And Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken, $3.80. The chicken was OK, but again the texture was off. The outside was a little too starchy. It was fine, but not as good as Tapioca Express's version.

Le Arbre Tea House - Rosemead 5

After the SinoSouls left, I stayed to get some work done. Feeling the late night munchies, I also ordered the ultra slim sweet potato fries, $3.80.

Le Arbre Tea House - Rosemead 6

More like sweet potato curls and these were pretty sweet as they were dusted with powdered sugar. So more like a dessert than a savory snack. Not bad, but then I realized how little food I actually got for that price.

The location is hidden far inside the lot where Tip Top Sandwiches is located. The decor is actually pretty cute with a tree mural on the opposite wall. The staff didn't make me feel like I had to rush or anything. The passionfruit green tea was good. I think their food could be improved a bit, but not too bad as far as tea houses go.

I still wasn't really feeling it in terms of finding a new tea house to hang out and get some work done though. The search for the perfect tea house continues...

Other tea houses:
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ID Cha House - San Gabriel 
Lollicup Tea Zone - Westminster (Little Saigon)
Tapioca Express Inc. - Alhambra
Tea Station - Alhambra

Le Arbre Tea House
8508 E. Valley Blvd., Ste. 101
Rosemead, CA 91770
Wednesday to Monday noon to 1 a.m.

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  1. oh my gosh, hilarious!!!! SBF!!!!!

  2. CC,
    I know! Can't believe it. But I guess they didn't want anyone to steal their Wi-Fi. :P


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