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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Half and Half Tea House - Monterey Park

After dinner at Noodle Guy Vietnamese Restaurant - Alhambra my brother wanted to try Half & Half Tea House in Monterey Park because he had heard us talk about it.

Half & Half Tea House - Monterey Park 1

Mostly because the tea is fresh-brewed, comes in giant cups, and is cheaper than Tea Station - Alhambra. Those are my and my siblings' pudding tea, passionfruit tea, and milk teas above.

Those are Half & Half Tea House's normal size cups.


Half & Half replaces what used to be frozen yogurt chain CeFiore - Monterey Park and is literally just downstairs from popular dim sum spot Ocean Star Seafood Restaurant - Monterey Park.

Back in November when cousin T and her husband were in town for cousin A's wedding, we stopped off after a ramen lunch next door at Daikokuya Noodle & Rice-Bowl - Monterey Park. Right after we placed our order, the health inspectors came.

Look at those high walls. The most unfriendly tea house I've ever seen. And the curtains! They definitely do not want you seeing how they make tea. Psst! They use whole milk in the milk tea.

Half & Half Tea House - Monterey Park 2

It turned into a 45 minute wait for tea.

This tea better be worth the wait, cousin T's husband and I remarked to each other.

And seriously, it really was. Well, if you get the fresh brewed green milk tea, $2.85. Cousin T's husband got a coffee latte, $3.58.

Half & Half Tea House - Monterey Park 3

Later during the holidays, I took my high school friend and her husband when they were in town. She got the hot grass jelly with boba and red beans, $3.85.

Half & Half Tea House - Monterey Park 4

And more fresh brewed green milk teas, $2.85.

Half & Half Tea House - Monterey Park 5

Even despite the unfriendly high walls and lack of tables to linger at, Half & Half is almost always packed.

Half & Half Tea House - Monterey Park 6

I just get my tea and go. Fresh brewed green milk tea. Don't get the passionfruit green tea. They're skimpy with the passionfruit syrup so there's not much taste.

Don't forget to collect stamps, 10 stamps gets you a free drink.

And don't upgrade for the large. It's 50 cents more, but the cups are narrower so if you've seen the YouTube video, you're barely getting more tea.

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