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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Cousin D's Bachelorette Party

Cousin D's Bachelorette Party 1

If you're easily offended, then I highly suggest NOT clicking on the "read more" link below.

Don't do it!

Last chance.

OK, but don't blame me afterward.

I warned you!


Cousin D's Bachelorette Party 2

I was impressed with the sheer number of *ahem* stuff that the bridesmaids managed to wrangle.

Cousin D's Bachelorette Party 3

Cousin D's Bachelorette Party 4

Goodies for us to take home. So funny story. I got all excited when I saw my name on a bottle of Hello Kitty Ramune, the Japanese soda with the marble inside. (The link has an anecdote about my marble-playing past.) But when it was time to go, my name tag got switched with a bottle of wine. The Ramune were for the non-drinkers, and my cousin's friend didn't think I drank. Then she saw me taking vodka shots, so she switched the tags. I do drink, just not often, but I'd far rather have a Ramune than a bottle of wine. So she switched them back and I got my Hello Kitty soda. Yay! :P

Cousin D's Bachelorette Party 5

Cousin D, otherwise known as the younger '88's sister, was having a joint bachelorette party with her friend, who is also getting married soon. They are in each other's bridal parties and have mutual friends so it just made sense. That also meant bachelorette party with 24 girls. Nine of them were my family. Ha!

Everyone got a zucchini and a condom. Except, much to my and several other people's amusement, the girl who passed them out kept calling it a cucumber. After repeated murmurings she finally said it was an Italian squash. Hehe.

Cousin D's Bachelorette Party 6

The object was to see who could open the packet and slip the condom on the zucchini the fastest while using only one hand.

We also had a game with bananas and whipped cream, but I'll refrain from posting the pictures and details in deference to my cousins. :)

Then the girls were blindfolded so they could...

Cousin D's Bachelorette Party 7

..."pin the junk on the hunk."

Cousin D's Bachelorette Party 8

Seriously, you do not want to see that poster head-on.

Tee hee.

The flashing lights on the *ahem* on the veils.

Cousin D's Bachelorette Party 9


The brides had leis with condoms and candies that they had sell that night. Whoever made the most money won. I'm not sure what they won, but cousin D made $70. Who knew? I should make my cousin work it more often. :P

Cousin D's Bachelorette Party 10

With the last game, it was time to go downstairs for our dinner reservations at Jaleo by Jose Andres. I think this is what a gaggle looks like. While snapping pictures, random men would stop and take photos of, and with, us! So funny! Was it the size of our group? The two brides? Because it looked like we were having such fun?

Cousin D's Bachelorette Party 11

The left side of the photo is my family. :)

I've never really thought about bachelorette parties before. I was out of town and missed cousin A's bachelorette party last year. Bachelorette parties were just one of those rites of passages that, while I saw them portrayed on film and television, few people in my social circle actually did. Perhaps the big difference in my enjoyment was that almost all of the girls in my family came out for the occasion. So it wasn't just a party, but a girls weekend with the girls in the family.

The oldest '87, back in her more frequent clubbing days, once said that a girl she often ran into suggested they hang outside of the clubs. She replied that she only hangs out with her cousins. Hahaha! I guess it's weird for people whose family members aren't their friends, but for people like me, that's what makes it more fun.

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  1. hey, i have no shame, i clicked right away! ha ha! seriously, this was a funny post! especially those, uh "decorations". reminds me of a bachelorette party we threw for a friend of ours way back when. i was the only one "brave" enough to buy the PENIS shaped items, including penis shaped jello molds, penis pens and such. i even recruited an artist friend to draw an anatomically correct buff guy to pin the you know what on the...i hope those photos never see the light of day! ha ha. looks like you gals had loads of fun! that's a really big group too! :)

  2. CC,
    Haha. So did plenty of people, but most of them were too scared to comment. I was trying not to use that word so I wouldn't turn up on some bad searches. But too late now!

    Sure were!


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