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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Ding's Garden - Alhambra (Closed)

Ding's Garden - Alhambra 1

Speaking of cold noodles, and in my attempt to clear out old photos by reorganizing them by date, I stumbled upon these pictures taken on June 13, 2007 of Ding's Garden in Alhambra. I usually try to visit a place at least twice before blogging it, but the restaurant closed before I got around to it.

Besides being a loose online diary of what I ate, the pictures sometimes remind me of dishes that I'd like to recreate later.

On that day, I met up with Henry Chan's Food Videos for lunch. The restaurant was tiny. That's really all of the dining space.

Ding's Garden - Alhambra 2

The plum juice, $1.75, was a welcome tart refreshment on such a hot day.

Ding's Garden - Alhambra 3

Chicken cold noodles, $4.25. My note taking skills were pretty rusty back then. Or rather, I forgot to take shots of the menu. If I recall correctly, the menu was either all in Chinese or only had super simple translations so I wasn't really sure what the dishes were called in Chinese. But I remember I really liked this simple shredded chicken and julienned vegetable noodle dish.

Ding's Garden - Alhambra 4

Pickled vegetable pork noodles, $4.25. Mmm. Can't go wrong with mustard greens or edamame.

Ding's Garden - Alhambra 5

There was also a cold case of various pickled things to take home.

Ding's Garden - Alhambra 6

And that's it. I really liked both noodle dishes that we ordered and the prices were incredibly cheap. But unfortunately, the owners closed this location and the Ding's Garden in San Gabriel, which kept the name, but had a new owner. The only Ding's Garden location left by the original owner is the one in Rowland Heights.

This location has seen a lot of turnover in the past few years. It became Noodle Young, then Chuan Yu Noodle Town, and is now Be Be Restaurant. The menus seem to stay the same though, regardless of the name, offering Northern Chinese and Taiwanese dishes.

Ding's Garden
525 W. Valley Blvd., Ste. B
Alhambra, CA 91803

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  1. So was there a sauce or dressing for the noodles with chicken and veg? And that looks like omelette slices.

  2. Nikki,
    I vaguely recall a light sesame seed or peanut butter sauce, but it was so long ago, I'm not sure. :P And yup, omelette slices.


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