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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Class 302 Taiwanese Cuisine - Rowland Heights

After our dinner at Centro Basco - Chino, it was still relatively early. Since it was such a drive out there, I wanted to make it worth my while. We were really too full at this point to eat anything much so I suggested shaved ice at Class 302 Taiwanese Cuisine in Rowland Heights.

Class 302 Taiwanese Cuisine - Rowland Heights 1

Guess everyone else had the same bright idea because Gourmet Pigs, Starchy Marie, and I ended up waiting at least half an hour for a table. So, we went next door to 99 Ranch and I picked up a few groceries.

I have no idea why the restaurant chose a school theme. Beats the toilet-themed restaurant in Taiwan though!

Class 302 Taiwanese Cuisine - Rowland Heights 2

The tables are school desks and some dishes are served in Chinese metal take-away boxes.

Class 302 Taiwanese Cuisine - Rowland Heights 3

We ordered the green tea, red bean, rice cake shaved snow for $6.25.

Class 302 Taiwanese Cuisine - Rowland Heights 4

And the caramel pudding shaved snow for $5.95.

Class 302 Taiwanese Cuisine - Rowland Heights 5

What is shaved snow? Unlike shaved ice, shaved snow is frozen water and condensed milk. The texture is more viscous than ordinary shaved ice. The shavings were in sheets, slightly different from the shaved snowflake at 85 Degrees C Tea House - San Gabriel. I actually prefer the texture of the latter, but this was cheaper and the taste was just as good.

The pudding was underneath the mound of shaved snow.

Class 302 Taiwanese Cuisine - Rowland Heights 6

I liked the caramel pudding better than the green tea/red bean/rice cake concoction. Less distraction so I could savor the shaved snow and condensed milk and pudding. It came with a brown sugar syrup to pour on top.

Class 302 Taiwanese Cuisine - Rowland Heights 7

I couldn't resist trying some other dishes though and ordered crispy yam with plum seasoning for $3.75. The yam fries were nicely crispy and the plum seasoning was lots of Xi Muoi/Li Hing (Vietnamese/Chinese preserved plum).

Class 302 Taiwanese Cuisine - Rowland Heights 8

The Japanese green tea shake for $3.25 was pictured as being served in a cauldron. A cauldron! I wanna see! Unfortunately, the picture was deceptive because it came out in an ordinary plastic cup. :(

Class 302 Taiwanese Cuisine - Rowland Heights 9

The menu also had plenty of Taiwanese savory dishes such as fried pork chop, boiled pork liver, stinky tofu, and popcorn chicken, but the shaved snow, that's the item to order.

Other places to get shaved ice:
ID Cha House - San Gabriel
Kang Kang Food Court - Alhambra
Le Arbre Tea House - Rosemead 
Pa Pa Walk - San Gabriel
Salju Dessert - Alhambra

Class 302 Taiwanese Cuisine
1015 S. Nogales St., #125
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

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  1. I love shaved snow! Nick loves eating with Wandering Chopsticks! :)

  2. hi wc - ooh, cool theme!!!! love it!!!

    i've never had shaved snow before - it looks and sounds pretty good. your green tea, red bean and rice cake dessert looked amazing. i always hear about cool places from you! :)

  3. I was just daydreaming about the shaved snow the other day. I see a summer of research in my future.

  4. Nick,
    Haha. You trying to snaggle another invite?

    I figured you'd go for the kooky stuff.

    Plenty of other shaved ice options to hit up!


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