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Monday, March 29, 2010

ID Cha House - San Gabriel

Shortly after 85 Degrees C Tea House - San Gabriel changed its name to ID Cha House, I went with Gourmet Pigs to see if it was still the same.

ID Cha House - San Gabriel 1

Same horoscope drinks and hot tea. I can't even remember which tea we got, but they're $4.95 for a pot and can be refilled with hot water upon request.

ID Cha House - San Gabriel 2

We really went because she wanted to try their shaved snowflake. Only we were told they were a seasonal item and only available in the late spring and summer. Plus, they now cost up to $7! :(

And they no longer sell the semen tea. Uh huh. See previous post for what that's all about. ;)

So I got a $3.50 order of fried string beans for us to snack on instead. Huuuge order. Fried until the skins are wrinkly and lightly dusted with chili spices, just the way I like them.

ID Cha House - San Gabriel 3

April 21, 2010 update:

I was just going to blog this and tell ya'll to look at the previous post when it was 85 Degrees to see the pictures of the shaved snowflake.

Then recently, after a dinner of Crock Pot Ca Ri Ga (Vietnamese Chicken Curry), Christine of Folie a Choisauce and Julian of Jewelz, What Are We Doing Today? mentioned a craving for the shaved snow at Class 302 Taiwanese Cuisine - Rowland Heights.

No need to go all the way to Rowland Heights, I told them. ID Cha House has a shaved snowflake that's pretty similar. Off we went for dessert. So they could get their fix and I could finally blog it.

There's still a requirement that each person must order an item. Julian got an iced tea while Christine and I shared a pot of kumquat tea for $4.95.

ID Cha House - San Gabriel 4

Mango and green bean shaved snowflake for $7.25, plus another $1 for the green beans. Mmm. They always choose the sweetest mangoes for this dessert.

ID Cha House - San Gabriel 5

Can you tell? The light fluffy texture of the snowflake?

ID Cha House - San Gabriel 6

Is this better?

ID Cha House - San Gabriel 7

If not, see my 85 Degrees C Tea House - San Gabriel post for better pictures.

Everything is basically the same as before, just a name change.

Other places to get shaved ice:
Class 302 Taiwanese Cuisine - Rowland Heights
Kang Kang Food Court - Alhambra
Le Arbre Tea House - Rosemead 
Pa Pa Walk - San Gabriel
Salju Dessert - Alhambra

ID Cha House
425 W. Valley Blvd, Ste. 101
San Gabriel, CA 91776
11 a.m. to 2 a.m.

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  1. So is "shaved snowflake" the same as "snowy" at Pa Pa Walk? It was quite fine, and we liked it the other night. Not sure it was worth an extra $2, though.

  2. I've been wanting to try snowflake shaved ice! I need to try this place. I want to try the beans too! Looks like a huge amount for a cheap price.

  3. WeeMo,
    I think so? I've only had the regular shaved ice so I can't say for sure.

    It's a pretty good amount. I'm cheap though and prefer $3 shaved ice at Kang Kang. :)


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