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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cu Sen Chien (Vietnamese Fried Lotus Root Chips)

Cu Sen Chien (Vietnamese Fried Lotus Root Chips) 1

Lotus roots are so pretty that they just beg to be used as a garnish. So, remembering my long ago fancy traditional Chinese medicine luncheon sponsored by Wing Hop Fung, I simply peeled, sliced, and fried the lotus roots.

Eat them plain or garnish like at my luncheon in the photo below.

Wing Hop Fung Traditional Chinese Medicine Luncheon 3

Cu Sen Chien (Vietnamese Fried Lotus Root Chips)

You'll need:
1 lotus root segment, peeled and sliced
Oil for deep-frying
Sprinkle of salt to taste

Again, the pretty lotus roots. Slice off the ends and peel the outer layer.

Cu Sen Chien (Vietnamese Fried Lotus Root Chips) 2

Thinly slice. I don't do much editing to my photos. Just upload to Flickr and click "auto-fix." If I don't like what the auto-fix looks like, then I just leave the photo as-is. But for some reason, the light and dark of this particular shot of the lotus root slices looked so nice in a Holga-ish way that I just couldn't resist.

Cu Sen Chien (Vietnamese Fried Lotus Root Chips) 3

This is what the lotus root slices really look like.

Cu Sen Chien (Vietnamese Fried Lotus Root Chips) 4

It's a whole army of lotus root slices! So pretty!

Cu Sen Chien (Vietnamese Fried Lotus Root Chips) 5

Deep-fry on medium-high until crisp. Drain. Sprinkle with salt. Eat plain. Use as a garnish if you wish.

Cu Sen Chien (Vietnamese Fried Lotus Root Chips) 6

But, WC, your fried lotus root slice looks a little burnt...

Umm, yes, why yes, it does. But it still tasted fine! Sorry! I wasn't watching my wok too closely and am too lazy to re-photograph these pictures. Perhaps I'll do it again some day, but wouldn't you rather I just get around to blogging instead of re-photographing everything? After all, these photos have been sitting around since June 2008!

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  1. hi wc - wow, 2008? i really love the look of lotus roots - so unusually striking. the fried lotus roots look great as a garnish too!

  2. You know, someone (you?) should make this the next big snack food! Seriously, these could be popular if for no other reason than they are unique looking. And people love deep-fried foods. You could offer different flavors too. Watch, someone is going to jump on the idea and make millions.

  3. Those are so pretty and sounds delicious! I'll have to try this one out!

  4. love lotus root! it's so pretty and what a beautiful crispy garnish fried up.

  5. I have a deep fried obsession -- I'll definately give this one a try!

  6. CC,
    Ha! I still have stuff from 2007 that I haven't blogged yet!

    I just thought of doing Asian terra chips with lotus roots and purple potatoes. I need someone to market my ideas.

    Oh do try. You'll probably make them much nicer than I did!

    Anna A.,
    I think I burned the whole batch because I'm trying to remember why I didn't have more to garnish!

    You'll probably make it look way nicer than I did!

  7. I love this idea, so pretty and original. Thanks for sharing, WC! (Only where the heck will I get my hands on some lotus root?!)

  8. Tammy,
    I have no idea. Do you have to go all the way to Paris? Or make another trip to the US! :)


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