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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pasta Carbonara

Pasta Carbonara 1

Pasta carbonara is one of lil' sis's favorite noodles.


She can't resist reaching for a bite before I've even finished taking photos.

Pasta Carbonara 2

We like this dish because it only uses a few ingredients and I almost always have them on hand. Ordinarily, it's made with spaghetti noodles, but I prefer the lighter taste of angel hair. I've even used penne and bowties and basically any pasta I have available. Same goes for bacon, prosciutto (If I really want to get fancy.), or even thinly sliced ham. Add two eggs, a couple tablespoons of Parmesan cheese, and salt and pepper to taste and we're good.

I've added some thinly sliced collard greens, spinach, parsley, or cilantro all with good results. Quick and easy.

Not that you really need a recipe for pasta carbonara, but lil' sis frequently checks the blog for directions.

Pasta Carbonara 3

Pasta Carbonara

For 2 servings, you'll need:
8 oz pasta, I prefer angel hair but you can use spaghetti noodles or any pasta of your choice
4 strips bacon, or any porky hammy meat of your choice, thinly sliced
2 to 4 tblsp Parmesan cheese, depending on preference
2 eggs
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper

Optional: Thinly sliced greens such as collard greens, spinach, parsley, or cilantro. A few cloves of garlic if you wish.

Boil pasta. If you're using tougher greens such as collard greens or kale, add them to the pot of pasta when it boils.

Beat two eggs into a bowl. Add the Parmesan cheese, salt, and ground black pepper and beat again to mix. Set aside.

Thinly slice bacon or ham. Saute in a pan until golden. Drain most of the fat if you wish. I simply dab with a paper towel and remove the fat-laden paper towel with a pair of chopsticks. Turn off the pan.

By now the pasta should be ready, if not, just wait until it is. Instead of draining the pasta, I simply use a pasta spoon and spoon the hot pasta into the pan with the bacon. Don't worry if it's a bit wet, the extra pasta water will help thicken the sauce. Then add the eggy cheesy mixture into the pan and toss to evenly coat the pasta. The hot pasta water will slightly cook the eggs, but really will create a creamy sauce.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Pasta Carbonara 4


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1 year ago today, blood orange juice.


  1. would you believe me if i told you that i only just tried pasta carbonara just a few months ago? i made it on the fly and i'm in love with it now.

    i love the idea of adding kale (another veg that i've only tried for 1st time this year).

    such a great comfort food! :)

  2. I love the butterfly plate! So pretty!

    (Oh and um, the pasta looks grand too : ) )

  3. I think you're right about the angel hair pasta. Capellini works well, too, and cooks up nice and fast.

  4. it's making me hungry looking at this post although i just ate. :X

  5. Oh, I totally have to try making this sometime! Although I do have a question. Do you use parmesan from a canister or the fresher kind that has to be grated? (Does it matter?)

  6. Lan,
    I have a generic Italian cookbook and every time I came across it, the thought of bacon and eggs seemed too heavy. Then one day, because of a lack of anything in the kitchen, I tried it and it's been my go-to meal if there's nothing else around.

    It's from Target. There's matching bowls too. The salad plates are polka dots so not nearly as pretty, but I still like them all.

    A lot of pastas seem to sit too heavy for me and I really love the lightness of angel hair.

    I made lil' sis hungry too. She saw the post and requested I make some for when she comes home in a few days.

    It's all personal taste. If I have fresh Parmesan, then I use that. I also tend to have the canister on hand because it lasts longer. Just beware the canister tends to be saltier so you don't have to add as much additional salt.


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