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Friday, February 27, 2009

Mom's Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Sizzling Crepes)

After a full day of museum hopping, it was time to head home. When I visit my parents, I make sure to save dinner for dining with them.

After all, why would I want to miss out on mom's banh xeo (Vietnamese sizzling crepes)? We like to eat our banh xeo with Mam Nem (Vietnamese Fermented Anchovy Sauce).

Another recipe I'm not willing to share.

Day 3.6 Mom's Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Sizzling Crepes) 1

No packaged mixes. My mom makes her own batter from a combination of flours and a secret ingredient that keeps them crunchy. Central-style. So no turmeric or coconut milk in the batter. Smaller too so they're crispy all throughout, not like those wok-sized Saigon banh xeo.

Day 3.6 Mom's Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Sizzling Crepes) 2

She puts the pork and shrimp on individually to make sure they're evenly distributed before pouring the batter into the pan.

Day 3.6 Mom's Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Sizzling Crepes) 2

Perfect crispy banh xeo that's not overstuffed.

Day 3.6 Mom's Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Sizzling Crepes) 4

Look at that delicate crispy, lacy edge.

Day 3.6 Mom's Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Sizzling Crepes) 5

The next day, I would meet up with Darlene of Blazing Hot Wok, who ate several of my mom's banh xeo. She then bought several mixes from the Asian grocery store trying to replicate the results, but to no avail. Umm, that's because my momma makes her own batter, I told her.

Day 3.6 Mom's Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Sizzling Crepes) 6

Perhaps some day I'll share. But not yet.

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  1. Ok, so I use to think that MY mom made the best banh xeo and she used the prepackage stuff. But your mom, she is an artist at making these. They look so perfect! I have never eaten these with mam nem before. Does it overpower the banh xeo?

  2. Oh, and I will be here waiting patiently until you release the recipe from your secret volt. I have never cooked my own vietnamese food before but I am willing to roll my sleeves up to taste these.

  3. Yum! Was just talking about banh xeo with my parents yesterday. I've never had anyone else's but my mom's (and my two or three attempts at home). I'm not sure I've ever seen it on a menu.

  4. I just finished having some, but mom was lazy and used the packaged stuff. Need to ask her to ask grams for the homemade battery recipe.

  5. Like Tea Time, my mom used to make hers from the package mix as well. After moving away from home, I tried to replicate them with the package mix. Blech...I still don't know to this day what I did wrong, but they turned out thick (or broke apart when I used less batter) and soggy--not crisy at all! Now the only time I can have some banh xeo is when I visit my aunt (which isn't too often) in south Florida. Oh how I miss it!

  6. Aliza,
    That's my favorite part!

    Tea Time,
    I love mam nem so I think it works great for me. My mom tends to add quite a bit of pineapple so it's sweeter rather than anchovy.

    Even with the recipe, I can't make them like my mom. She uses two pans and has two burners going at once.

    Me too. Got hungry again.

    Most of the time when I've eaten it at restaurants, it's always the Southern-style with turmeric and coconut milk. Not my preference.

    It was!

    Why doesn't your mom use your grandma's recipe? Even though my mom makes her own, it's not any harder than the mix.

    Isn't that always the case? Lots of food I miss out on when I'm not home anymore. My aunts' versions are good, but not the same as mom's.

  7. Jealousy! I've never had them Central-style. I enjoyed them an awful lot at Van Restaurant in Westminster, however. At least there's that.

  8. Tammy,
    Van's version is definitely Southern style.

  9. I too will wait until the day you release that recipe... I've tried it all - pre packaged mixes, prepacked mixes with other ingredients, mixture of flours, grinding my own rice flour, adding ground dau xanh... no luck. Still not lacy and crunchy and full of goodness.

  10. Happy Apples,
    Whoa! That's dedication. My mom's recipe isn't that complicated. Wonder why none of you attempts worked?

  11. I tried making banh xeo last night... no success :(

  12. Fizzy,
    Go to ba ngoai's house! Or she doesn't make banh xeo? One of aunties should!


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