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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Nectarine Blossoms

The actual nectarine fruit isn't anything to blog about, but the blossoms are so very gorgeous. When the Lunar New Year comes in January, like it did this year, I always feel out of sorts. The holiday should coincide with the weather -- when plum and nectarine trees are in bloom.

2.7 Nectarine Blossoms 1

2.7 Nectarine Blossoms 2

2.7 Nectarine Blossoms 3

Other garden updates.

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  1. Those nectarine blossoms are very blog worthy! Our peach blossoms at home also look similar to your nectarine blossoms but a shade darker.

  2. A shame that the fruit doesn't live up to those gorgeous blossoms... same with my neighbor's peach tree - elegantly knobby canes with ethereal blooms. And mealy fruit :-(

  3. So beautiful! We have to make do with the artificial blossom made from cloth during CNY. No way it could beat the real thing!

  4. Oh, those are so beautiful...I am starting to see some flowers popping up around here too, slowly.

  5. Beautiful flowers; my 5 in one peach-nectarine tree has 5 grafts; two are peaches, the others nectarines and each is very very flavorful and the flowers are especially showy and gorgeous. Very pleasing in all ways; perhaps you can have a garden friend graft some very nice varieties onto your current less flavorful nectarine?

  6. ETE,
    I really can't tell peach or nectarine blossoms apart.

    Mealy fruit is right. Or hard and small. They don't truly ripen. Could also be because they're in a pot that they've outgrown quite a while ago.

    Artificial blossoms. Oh no! Not the same thing at all.

    Spring seems to be delayed down here too.

    I'm just renting so it's not really my tree. Lucky you though! Five grafts and all of them flavorful.


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