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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How to Dry Orange Peels

During the orange edition of Weekend Wokking, I had high hopes of making Chinese orange peel chicken (which is actually made from mandarin orange peels, by the way). I never did get around to it, but since I'm already talking about oranges, I might as well finish it.

How to Dry Orange Peels 1

Obviously, peel the mandarin orange.

How to Dry Orange Peels 2

Then using a serrated spoon, scrape off excess pith.

How to Dry Orange Peels 3

Cut into strips if you wish.

How to Dry Orange Peels 4

Air dry. Or if you're in a rush, bake in an oven at 150 degrees until the rind is dry. Check every 10 to 15 minutes. How long it takes to dry depends on the size of your batch of orange peels.

How to Dry Orange Peels 5

Use to make mandarin orange peel chicken or Orange Peel Tea. What other uses are there for dried orange peels?

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  1. This is exactly how my mother makes it! :) Oh the smell that fills the house... I love it! Thanks for sharing this, brings me back to childhood :)

  2. Hmmm, you can candy them and use 'em for baking huh?

  3. I've never thought to dry the peels myself. Well, I've seen peels dry up on the counter overnight, but never thought they were good to use, LOL. =) Great idea! Should start doing this.

  4. I've never done this before, but your directions explains everything well. Do these keep for long?

  5. I ate candied versions of these like crazy when I was pregnant but was always worried about the ingredients that went into processing it. Keeps the nausea down very well and now that I know how to make them, I can do them myself without worries. Thanks!

  6. Marija,
    That's good to know that someone else does it like me. :)

    You can, but not dried peels. Too hard. Just fresh peels.

    Haha. How do you think I dried these peels? :P

    I've had mine for a few months now just sitting out on the table and they're fine.

    Oh no, these aren't the same as the candied orange peels. Those use fresh rinds with a whole lot of sugar.

  7. Cool blog. ^_^

    I grind dried orange peels into powder and mix them with baking soda and salt, and use this mixture to brush my teeth in place of toothpaste. It works a treat.

  8. Kara,
    Cool! I'll have to try that some day and see how I like it. Thanks for sharing your tip.

  9. I've recently read that orange peel contains something that can help reduce cholesterol, so I've started eating the peels. Not very appetizing, but I'm going to try drying them and mixing them in yoghurt, etc. Thanks for the instructions!

  10. Jacki,
    How is it eating the peels? Too stringent? I like a little bit of orange zest, but can't imagine eating all the peels at once.

  11. going to do this to add to my homemade soap recipes :D THANK YOU!!!

  12. Lil Tush,
    Ooh, homemade soap. I have a book, but have been too intimidated to try.

  13. i have made orange peel power last year... can i use it now...? as a face pack.. after 1 yr ..is any probm or side effect..causes? pls reply..

  14. Pranki,
    I don't know. I'm not a health care professional or dermatologist.

  15. If you air-dry them how long does it take (it's a hot august here in Rome)?. Should I turn the pieces every now and again? Will one long day under the blistering sun do it? Maybe shade for a while? Would love to know, the oven will be unavailable for a couple of days.

  16. id,
    If it's really hot, I think a day or two under the hot sun should dry them. Shake them up so that all sides can dry. Make sure they're completely dry, no soft spots, or else they'll mold.

  17. I add it to plain yogurt to lighten
    my skin


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