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Friday, January 16, 2009

Apple Butter from Open Mouth, Insert Fork

Apple Butter from Open Mouth, Insert Fork

I few months ago, I won a pint of apple butter from Susan of Open Mouth, Insert Fork. I was so excited because the apple butter has been made by the Allen family in Sardis, West Virginia for more than 150 years. Every fall, over the course of three days, they make 150 pints of apple butter in the same copper cauldron that's been in the family for seven generations. Now that's tradition!

As for the apple butter? It reminded me of a batch of Pumpkin Butter I made recently. So much better than the store-bought stuff. It was slightly sweet, redolent with spices, and perfect spread on toast for afternoon tea.

Thanks again Susan!

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  1. Hey WC.. long time me-no-leave-comment! I had to let you know that I was just talking about apple butter with my hubby yesterday. I was watching a commercial for Smuckers on TV and noticed that there is no such thing as apple jam. My hubby told me that instead, there is apple butter. I think I'm going to grab a jar to see if I dig it. :) It's a weird coincidence how I was thinking about apple butter and you go and make a post about it! Great minds right? :)

  2. Jaded,
    Yeah lady! Where've you been? This apple butter was so much better than store-bought. I ate a store-bought one once that was way too sweet and thick.

  3. What a nice treat! :) Any ideas for other use besides as a spread? I wonder if it would be a waste to use it in baking.

  4. Jeannie,
    Cinnamon apple rolls with apple butter filling in between layers? Although, I've been enjoying it spread on plain bread.


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