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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mandarin Orange Peel Tea

Mandarin Orange Peel Tea

My mom makes my dad drink orange peel tea to help lower his cholesterol. Did you know orange peels also help fight diabetes and heart disease?

Mandarin Orange Peel Tea

You'll need:
1 tblsp Dried mandarin orange peels
1 tblsp loose tea leaves of your choice

Just brew a pot of tea as normal and add about 1 tblsp dried mandarin orange peels. Let it steep and then pour.

That's it. An easy and healthy drink.


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  1. They say the peel is really nutritious but we tend to toss it, thanks for showing a way to be less wasteful and more healthful!

  2. I have always thought orange peel was an attractive ingredient, but never knew it had such health claims.

    I think you have done a great job food styling, both with the peels and the cardamom pods. It really does add so much to the photo.

  3. Interesting use of orange peel! And again, I love the teapot and the saucer and teacup. Very nice detailed scene on the tea set there, and the shade of green is lovely!

  4. I had orange peel sitting in the freezer and I only use them to make mung bean soup. Now I know I can make tea with them, thanks to your recipe :)

  5. Jeannie,
    The orange oil, rind, and pith are all good for you. Or if nothing else, I toss it into my composter.

    Thanks! I try. Photographing just a teacup gets pretty boring sometimes.

    5 O'clock tsp,
    I've only got two tea recipes. Nothing like yours. I love your tea china.

    This teapot came as a set with six tea cups, each with their own saucers. A souvenir from Vietnam. All for the whoppingly high price of $3. ;)

    Oh! I learned a new way to use them from you. Must remember to add them to my VNese che.

  6. I was told by an Acupuncturist I worked with, that orange peel tea also helps with asthma. There is a compound found in the rind that has a similar effect as corticosteriods due for asthma sufferers. It has worked wonders for me and my children! I use just 1 tsp per cup of tea and i mix it with green tea and honey.

  7. Bought some Korean dried oranges but the label says dried plum. The ingredients list orange peel,salt and licorice flavor. Tried to eat one before I figured out it was actually orange peel. Can they be used for tea or flavoring?

  8. But how come some sites are recommending those with heart disease not to consume the tea because it may cause high blood pressure.

  9. Yeetingt,
    I Googled and some sites said not to use bitter orange peels because it can have ephedra-like effects that speed up the heart and cause high blood pressure. But that's for those already on medication because the bitter orange doesn't act well with medicine, sort of like how grapefruit and medication is bad together.

    Bitter orange is different from mandarin oranges. Although, they are both oranges so I'm not sure why one is bad and the other god. In any case, if you do have heart disease and are on medication, I would discuss all remedies with your doctor.


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