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Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Ate What? 2008 Eating Out Roundup

After looking at my, 2007 Eating Out Roundup, I realized I did far more cooking posts in 2008 than I did restaurant posts. No wonder my restaurant queue is so long.

Sadly, I was hard-pressed to find worthy mentions. When I wrote up the 2007 list, I had decided it was far easier to limit myself to what I actually posted that year, rather than what I had eaten. Mainly, because I am such a laggard when it comes to putting up posts. Heck, I still have 2007 restaurants I haven't written up! Nonetheless, for those of you who like lists, have a gander.


The Cravery - Tustin 2 Angriest. Because the wrong directions to The Cravery - Tustin on the Live on the Go website sent lil' sis on a wild goose chase and caused us to fight. :(

Kiki Bakery - Alhambra 10 Cutest. Panda cookies from Kiki Bakery - San Gabriel.

Savoy Kitchen 2 Overhyped. Bland and mushy Hainese chicken rice from Savoy Kitchen - Alhambra.

Chick-fil-A - Upland 2 Smartest. Because the kids' meal toy was a language CD from Chick-fil-A - Upland.

Chung King Restaurant - San Gabriel 8 Spiciest. Any of the chili pepper and Sichuan peppercorn-laden dishes at Chung King Restaurant - San Gabriel.

Chinese Food from Xinjiang Beef, Horse, and Chocolate and Yogurt-Covered Raisins 3 Weirdest. Horse meat, a souvenir from my brother's trip to Xinjiang, China.

1 year ago today, Tom Tau Hu Ky (Vietnamese Shrimp Paste Wrapped in Bean Curd Skin).
2 years ago today, Pumpkin Curry and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds from the sugar pumpkins I grew in my garden.


  1. I think I should start doing this. As for remembering your posts, this time I remember 4 out of 6. I remembered the taro bun at Kiki bakery but not their panda cookies. Memory slip :).

    I too have a giant restaurant queue. 30+restaurants! It bugs me since now I have less and less time to work on them, and that stuff that I posted online by then became old news. (Like Green Island, they now have a new larger lunch menu than they did before...)

  2. ETE,
    Haha. Are you trying to make it a game? How many of my posts you can recall?

    I think I have more than that in my queue and restaurants have opened and closed before I even have a chance to blog about them. Oh well.


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