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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blood Orange Juice

It's one of my favorite times of year - blood orange season at the farmers markets.
Blood Orange Juice 1
According to Wikipedia, the color comes from anthocyanin, a pigment common in flowers and fruit, but not in citrus fruits. The blood orange may have originated in Sicily from a cross between a pomelo and a tangerine. Moro, the newest variety of blood oranges, is also the darkest in color. The flavor and aroma is also stronger. I find it a little sweeter too. Blood oranges supply 130 percent of the recommended amount of vitamin C, and helps reduce the risk of heart disease, some types of cancer, and bad cholesterol build-up. So what else could I do but squeeze a glass of 100% pure blood orange juice?
Blood Orange Juice 2
The color alone makes drinking a glass of blood orange juice a pleasure.
Blood Orange Juice 3
I get mine for $1 a pound at the Farmers' Market in Alhambra. But if they're not as cheap and plentiful where you are, you can squeeze just a couple and add them to ordinary grapefruit juice to make blood orange grapefruit juice. Also, you can freeze some of the juice and make blood orange granita. Enjoy!


  1. i wonder how blood oranges taste like. i have never really liked oranges. but i wonder how different the taste is. will have to start scouring the grocery stores. but i doubt i will find any close by.

  2. bluang3lbby,
    They're more tart than regular oranges, although this particular variety is sweeter than other blood oranges I've eaten. It's not so much the taste as it is the color that really makes this fun! I hope you find some around you.

  3. This looks delicious! I love blood oranges- in fact, I don't like normal oranges. I find the moro ones less tangy than navels. Plus, they're a definite shock factor to many who have never seen them before! I've gotten many double-takes.

    Sadly, I think blood orange season is over by now. I'll have to try making this or the grapefruit one next year.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Bloatbug,
    That shock factor is definitely why I love blood oranges. The season usually ends around spring for me. Can't wait until they're available again.


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