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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cranberry Juice-Poached Pears with Vanilla Ice Cream

Cranberry Juice-Poached Pears 1
Were you paying attention? Did you notice that between my Lunar New Year post and Valentine's Day, I showed you all red recipes? :) This recipe came about by using up cranberry juice left over from lil' sis's New Year's Eve party. Don't worry, I made this months ago, it's not juice that's been sitting in the fridge for months. :P Anyway, normally I love red wine-poached pears but I don't drink much wine these days and didn't want to waste a bottle. Also, this way, the cranberry juice creates a lovely thick syrup to drizzle over the ice cream. I had one lonely pear to use up, so obviously use more juice if you want to serve more than just yourself.
Cranberry Juice-Poached Pears 2
Cranberry Juice-Poached Pears with Vanilla Ice Cream For one serving, you'll need: 1 pear, sliced in half and cored 1 cup cranberry juice 2 tblsp sugar, or more if you've got a sweeter tooth than mine I used a somewhat ripe Bosc pear for this so that it wasn't too hard, but not too soft. Slice in half and hollow out the core. In a small pan on medium to medium-low heat, stir 2 tblsp of sugar into 1 cup cranberry juice until dissolved. Add pear halves and let simmer until the cranberry juice thickens into a sauce. This takes about 15 minutes or so. Make sure to check and flip the pears so the color is evenly coated. The sugars in the juice should form a nicely caramelized sauce. Spoon pears into a shallow bowl, add some vanilla ice cream, and drizzle hot cranberry sauce on top. Enjoy! ***** 1 year ago today, the best maple bars ever at Miss Donuts & Bagel - La Verne.


  1. lovely combination of this different flavor in one dessert!! yummmy

  2. Looks good! I wonder how it would taste if you poached the pears in your blood orange juice instead.

  3. ahhh..love this cranberry pear combi.

  4. Dhanggit,
    The tartness of the cranberry juice offset the sweetness of the ice cream perfectly.

    I bet the blood oranges would be lovely too. I made this before blood oranges came into season or else I probably would have tried.


  5. Simple and elegant! I love it!

  6. HC,
    I always try to keep things as simple as possible. ;)

  7. What a tasty and simple way to satisfy a sweet tooth! Does this work with over riped pears? I don't like eating really soft pears, so this would be a good way to not waste them if I forget to eat all my pears while they are still firm.

  8. Jeannie,
    I don't like eating soft pears either. The pear I used was pretty soft so that's why it doesn't have the top pointy part. Just be carefully when flipping it in the pan.


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